Zeenia Sharjeel Urdu Novel pdf downlaod

Zeenia Sharjeel Urdu Novel Pdf

About Zeenia Sharjeel Novel

 Zenia Sharjeel, who became very famous from the first novel, wrote Zeenia Sharjeel novels till now but the number of her fans has increased. Now, in this novel, she has made a fuss. Looking at the like comments on the Awami Point Books, I guessed that everyone must have read the same, but some people still asked me to post a new novel for them, so this is a novel for them. Do it because those who have read it are waiting for the new novel the next day

Zeenia Sharjeel Urdu Novel Pdf

Every novel of Zeenia Sharjeel gained popularity day by day. Readers of Zeenia Sharjeel’s novels are always waiting for her new novel to come and we can read it online or by downloading Zeenia Sharjeel Novel.

Zeenia Sharjeel has written many famous novels which are always liked by his readers. Now she is trying to create something new in the minds of her readers. She always tries to give her readers a lesson, so that a piece of writing read by someone and of course his time is not wasted.

Each of Zeenia Sharjeel Novel 

Best Most interesting Zeenia Sharjeel Novel List

Here Some Zeenia Sharjeel Novel List most famous Novel of Zeenia Sharjeel that will be very intreating you must neet to read it for enjoyment book reader and urdu novel lover must Read here Zeenia Sharjeel Novel .

List of Zeenia Sharjeel Novel

  • Deewangi novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
    Zeenia Sharjeel Diwani Novel  is the best novel ever. Readers loved the novel from the bottom of their hearts. Beautiful words are used in this novel.

Zeenia Sharjeel Urdu Novel Pdf

One of my most interesting hobbies is novel reading. To escape reality, people love to read books. People love to live in an imaginary world created by books. The Urdu novels are very popular among women in the household. The literature of Urdu is richly populated with wonderful pieces, and readers love them.

Because true novel readers don’t prefer novels over movies, Pakistan has many opportunities for novel writing. Popular among the masses are Zeenia Sharjeel’s novels. Her novels are an attraction to both hard-cover book readers as well as online readers.


Zeenia Sharjeel, a Pakistani writer who writes in Urdu, is Zeenia Sharjeel. Zeenia Sharjeel, a Pakistani author, wrote Zeenia Sharjeel Urdu novel. It has been highly praised for its depiction of Pakistani society as well as its nuanced explorations of women’s lives.

With sensitivity and insight, the novel explores themes such as love, friendship, betrayal, and heartbreak. This is a moving and powerful portrait of a young Pakistani woman growing up. It is a remarkable debut novel by Sharjeel, a new voice in Pakistani literature.

Plot Of The Novels

Zeenia Sharjeel is a novel for young adults that follows Zeenia Sharjeel’s life as a Pakistani-American teenager. The novel opens with Zeenia and her family moving from New York City to Karachi (Pakistan) as a teenager. Zeenia is thrilled to be living in the homeland of her parents and eager to learn more about her culture. She quickly realizes how different life in Pakistan is from her home.

Zeenia must deal with the difficulties of being a foreigner living in a different country, adjusting to strict cultural norms, and trying to fit in at her school. She makes new friends along the way and learns valuable lessons about her family, herself, and her culture. Zeenia Sharjeel is a fascinating and thought-provoking book that offers readers a glimpse into Pakistani-Americans’ lives.

Theme Explored In Her Novel

The novel explores a wide range of themes like family, love, and friendship. Zeenia Sharjeel Urdu Novel is a novel that will be loved by people of all different ages. This novel tells a coming-of-age story that tells the story of a girl called Zeenia. The story starts at the point that Zeenia is just a baby and follows her through her life as she grows older and is taught about family, love, and friendship. “Zeenia Sharjeel Urdu Novel” is a touching story that will be remembered by readers long after the final page.

My Opinion

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Zeenia Sharjeel Urdu Novel.” The plot was well-written and interesting, and I enjoyed the characters. I particularly appreciated the author’s exploration of various subjects, including friendship, love, and family.I didn’t enjoy the ending as much as the rest of the book, but overall I thought it was a great read. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good Urdu novel.

If you’re interested in Urdu literature, then I highly recommend Zeenia Sharjeel’s novel “The Time of Our Lives”. It’s a lovely and stirring tale of love, grief, and forgiveness. The writing is absolutely gorgeous, and the characters are complex and compelling. I guarantee that you’ll be captivated from start to finish. So make sure to read “The Time of Our Lives” if you’re seeking for a fantastic Urdu book. You won’t be disappointed!

Zeenia Sharjeel Top Novel lists

  • Shame Inteqam Zeenia Sharjeel  Novel

Romantic novel Sham Inteqam by Zeenia Sharjeel This novel deals with love romance and family problems that are all around us. Through words and stories, they can manipulate us. Zeenia Sharjeel’s stories and novels have many fans who are eagerly awaiting her novels.

  • You are my

Zeenia Sharjeel’s most well-known Urdu romance novel is You are mine. There are many Urdu novelists, but only a few can tell a great story. Zeenia Sharjeel is one of these writers. Her novels are loved by both women and girls.

  • Basilsila e Taa Azal 

Basilica e Taa Azal is a romance and Rude Hero-based Romantic novel from Zeenia Sharjeel. Her Urdu novel Bassilsila e taa Azal tries to make us see the truth. Zeenia Sharjeel’s novels have been a favorite among Urdu readers.

  • Gunahgar

Gunaghar is a lovely novel by Zeenia Sharjeel. It is Mohabbat Based Urdu Novel. She shows us what happens when someone falls in love and how she can survive. Ghughar’s Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel reveals how life is both good and bad, the people we meet and the pleasant and sad moments.

  • Itni Muhabbat Kro Na

Zeenia Shahjeel wrote the love-and-romance novel Itni Muhabbat Na Novel. She made an effort to depict reality for us. Itni Muhabbat Kro Na Novel is a romantic novel based on rude heroes, and Zeenia Sharjeel Novel , is the most romantic. This novel is her best.

  • Dil Youn Mily Hamary Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

This one of the best Zeenia Sharjeel novel List and Collection if you are loving novel reader you must be read this novel hope so you feel bater after read Dil youn Mily Hamary Novel  .