Kuch Aur Nahi Novel by Bano Qudsia Pdf Free Download

Kuch Aur Nahi Novel Pdf Free Download

Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia was a very well-known playwright, intellectual, screenwriter, and spiritualist from Pakistan who wrote Urdu novels and short tales regarded amongst the exceptional Urdu novelists and short story writers of modern-day times. She was once first-class regarded for her novel Raja Gidh. She wrote both for television and stage in both Punjabi and Urdu languages. Bano Qudsia used to be diagnosed as a trendsetter in the realm of television plays. Some of them gained titanic recognition across the border because of their vitality, warmness, and courage. Strife is one phrase she wanted to be banished from the dictionary. She attributed the struggle raging throughout the world to the Intolerance and selfishness of the human race. She used to be married to novelist Ashfaq Ahmed. She additionally wrote television plays.
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Kuch Aur Nahi Novel by Bano Qudsia Pdf Free Download

Kuch Aur Nahi novel pdf free download is written by well-known romantic novelist Bano Qudsia. Bano Qudsia is a well-regarded Urdu author and well-known for her love, romance, and social novels. The author has been writing many Urdu Social, Love, Romantic, and fiction novels for many years.

Writer: Bano Qudsia

 Views: 2118

 Category: Short Stories

 Pages: 247

 ISBN: 969-35-0084-9

 Product Code: STP-1381

Kuch Aur Nahi Novel by Bano Qudsia Pdf Free Download Short Stories 

 The ebook Kuch Aur Nahi novel by Bano Qudsia pdf free download is a collection of some short tales by Bano Qudsia. In these stories, the writer describes many ethical and social issues. She explained the matters of the ladies which they are facing. She mentioned the selfishness of the people towards relations.

Kuch Aur Nahi is a very lovely Urdu novel containing 9 specific Urdu stories. All the tales are romantic and social as well. There are the following Urdu fictions stories;

  1. Tawajja Ka Talib
  2. Kullu
  3. Kaal Kalichi
  4. Ye Rishta-o-Pewand
  5. Bakri Aur Charwaha
  6. Antar Hut Udasi
  7. Kirkal
  8. Murajiat
  9. Aik Aur Aik

 All these stories are well worth reading. This novel is properly accomplice in your boredom Kuch Aur Nahi Novel by Bano Qudsia Pdf Free Download is additionally become well-known like different novels by Bano Qudsia.  To cut the story short, if you are looking for an ideal, interesting, extraordinary, and enticing Urdu novel, you must read it. So, if you are a fan of Bano Qudsia novels and looking for a perfect source to download them, then you are actually in the right place. If you want to study it online or you desire to read it offline, you can without difficulty get both these access from this website.