History Books in Urdu

History Books in Urdu free download PDF

History Books

If you are finding history books in Urdu free download pdf you must be now first History includes the instructional subject which uses a narrative to have a look at and analyze a chain of beyond events, and objectively determine the patterns of cause and impact that decide them. Historians now and again debate the character of history and its usefulness by using discussing the study of the area as a result in itself and as a manner of providing “perspective” on the troubles of the present.

History Books in Urdu free download PDF

History books are regarded as the books that tells us the story of the rise and fall of old age people, covering a large swath of history. These books tell of ancient people’s formation, rise to prominence, collapse into moral and physical defeat, and restoration. They tell of the history of the people and the development of the nation of today’s world

You always feel be pleasure as Muslim by search History books in Urdu . You dont need to read Novel and daramaz you need be know Muslim History and Khelaft Usamniaya .

30 most interesting History Books in Urdu free download pdf

Below is the list of some of the most popular and interesting History Books in Urdu free download pdf form that will not only increase your knowledge of history but also make you realize that how our forefathers used to live and how the life we live today evolved from the past years. So, read each of them and mesmerize yourself.

List of History Books in Urdu free download PDF

  1. History books in urdu free download pdf Bay Manzil Musafir History Novel is written By Aslam Rahi MA
  2. Shamsheer E Beniyam Novel written By InayatUllah PDF Download
  3. Hama Yaran Dozakh History Novel written By Siddique Salik
  4. Haary Hue Lashkar Ka Akhri Sipahi written by Kashmiri Lal Zakir
  5. Anatolia Ka Pasban written By Aslam Rahi MA
  6. Parastish written By Tahir Javed Mughal
  7. Gunahgar Larki written by Tahir Javed Mughal
  8. 7 Noble Inaam Yafta Adeeb
  9. Pakistan Pey Kiya Guzri
  10. Sultan Jelal-Ul-Din Muhammad Howrzam Shah which has been written By Sheikh Muhammad Hayat

Each of this History Books in Urdu free download pdf are available on this website both for online and offline reading. You can have the access to them very easily and can read them either online or you can download them for more compatible reading modefor increasing your knowledge of history. 

Another History Books in Urdu free download PDF
  • Kaniyat Key Sarbasta Raaz
  • Nasal-e-Insaani Ki Tareekh
  • Yahudiyat has been written By Robert Van De Wear
  • Tareek-e-Hind has been written By E. Marsden
  • 1857 Ke Chashm Did Halaat Maroof Dastan E Gadar a story narrated by Sayyad Zahiruddin Hussain Zahir Dehliwi
  • Ram Janambhumi–Babri Masjid Ka Sach (Urdu) written by Sheetla Singh
  • Guzishta Lucknow written by Maulana Abdul Halim Sharar Lucknowi
  • History books in urdu free download pdf Gol Hai written by Ibn e Insha, Fawad Khan
  • Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi written by Saba Tuwana
  • Qafila Kyu Luta written by Tamim Ansari and M. Zaki Kirmani
  • Ar Raheeq Al Makhtum URDU that is based upon the Biography of the Prophet Muhammed (SaW) and is written by Maulana Safiur Rahman Al Mubarakpuri
  • Muslim Tehzeeb written by Umar Chhapra and M. Zaki Kirmani 
  • Muhammad Bin Qasim Se Aurangzeb Tak written by Muhammad Sayedul Haque
  • Imam Shafi Ke Ilmi Safar written by Dr. Akhtar Husain Azmi
  • Mazahiya Khakay written by Shaukat Thanvi, Arif Bahalim
  • Shaheen by Naseem Hijazi written by Aslam Rahi MA
  • Damishq Ke Qaid Khane Mein Urdu Novel describes the Life History of Some Famous Muslim Military Military Commanders written by Inayatullah Altamash
  • Akhri Chattan Urdu Novel described in detail the Downfall of Muslim Empirewritten by Nasim Hijazi
  • History books in Urdu free download pdf Bajang Aamad written by Colonel Mohammad Khan, Arif Bahalim
  • History books in urdu free download pdf Sindhi Adab written by Hisam Al-Din Rashdi