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Best Urdu novels

The most popular Urdu novels are thought of as those that address real-life issues in a relatable manner. They usually address social issues like injustice, poverty, and inequality, as well as provide readers with an entirely new view of the present. The best Urdu novels are also renowned for their multi-layered, complex stories and intricately drawn characters. 

Some of the best Urdu novels that stand out are Peer-e-Kamil by Umera Ahmed, Mushaf by Nemrah Ahmed, and Jannat kay Pattay from Nemrah Ahmed. These novels give readers an insight into the daily lives of everyday people trying to understand the world that is often overwhelming. They bring us back to the best aspects of humanity as well as the endurance of human nature.


Readers enjoy the unique blend of fiction and reality that these novels offer. As we mentioned, Urdu novels often deal with social issues, such as arranged marriages, that are relevant to readers in Pakistan and India. In addition, Urdu novels often offer a glimpse into the lives of Pakistani and Indian celebrities.

This can be an appealing aspect for readers who are interested in learning more about the culture and customs of these countries. Urdu novels provide an enjoyable and informative way to learn about Pakistani and Indian culture.

How to download Urdu novels?

Although there are many ways to find and download the best Urdu novels, the easiest and most efficient way is to use a dedicated Urdu novels website. These websites typically have a large library of Urdu novels available for download, organized by author, genre, or popularity. To find a reputable Urdu novels website, simply search online. Once you’ve found a site you like, simply browse through the available titles and select the ones you want to download.

Best Urdu novels websites also offer convenient features like being able to add books to your “favorites” list or receiving notifications when new titles are added. With a little time and effort, you can easily build up a large collection of Urdu novels to enjoy at your leisure.

Some Best Urdu Novels

Peer-e-Kamil Novel written by Umera Ahmed

“Peer-E Kamil” is one of the most famous Urdu novels written by Umera Ahmed. It’s a must-read. It was released by Shuaa Digest in 2004.

Imama Hashmi and Salaar Sikandar are the two important characters at the center of the narrative. The story is about the sect called the deviational of our society, which does not believe in the absolute truth of Allah’s Prophet (PBUH).

Umera Ahmed has beautifully written this tale by telling the tragic story of two unhappy souls. Salaar is presented as a genius, with an impressive IQ level, but he has a lot of questions about life. In the same way, Imama Hashim is shown as the complete opposite.

They have different views on spiritual awakening. But destiny forces them to meet, and Salaar is in love and falls in love with Imama Hashim, and their life completely changes.

Mushaf Novel written by Nemrah Ahmed

“Mushaf” is another novel that should be read by the author. The title of the novel, “MUSHAF,” is the Arabic term used to describe Quran.

The story is about an orphaned young girl named “Mehmal Ibrahim”. She lives with her aunts and uncles after the death of her father. Their behavior towards Mehmal is not ideal however she must take it on to protect her mother. She is brimming with frustration anger, indignation, and disrespect.

She meets a girl holding a book with a black cover. The girl informs her that this book holds answers to every problem after asking. The book is later revealed to be Quran and it alters how Mehmal lives. 

The book takes its readers through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Its triggers spiritual and religious awakenings. It is a masterpiece written by Nemrah Ahmed.

Jannat kay Pattay Novel written by Nemrah Ahmed

The most well-known book by Nemrah Ahmed is “Jannat k Pattay.” The novel is a blend of emotions, romance, suspense, and mystery. The main characters of the tale are Jahan Sikander and Haya, a stunning young girl.

The story is all about Haya and her spiritual awakening. The modern and gorgeous family girl reveal to be a hijabi, and she was subject to a lot of critique by her relatives. She points out the true nature of some people and the world.

This novel offers a full collection of emotions, from beginning to finish. The story’s mystery I made more interesting by the incredible spiritual awakening as shown in the majority of Nemrah Ahmed’s books.

Namal Novel written by Nemrah Ahmed

Another excellent Urdu book you can read is Namal. The novel is from Quran Surah “Namal which means ants. The story focuses on the most vulnerable people in society.

The plot of the story focuses on a murder investigation and focuses on that the significance of money as well as its destructive nature within society. The story centers around Faris Ghazi who is an intelligence officer.

Namal is a saga that combines brutal murder and clever deceit. An intelligence agent named Faris Ghazi was found guilty of killing his stepbrother and wife. It turns out that Faris Ghazi isn’t the murderer.

Abdullah Novel by Hashim Nadeem

The spiritual novel follows Abdullah’s story of his journey from Ishq-e-majazi to Ishq-e-Haqeeqi. The main character of the story is Sahir, who was later referred to as “Abdullah.” His being in love with Zohra completely alters his life.

It is a story about Sufiism as well as defining the real significance of love. He is a member of an American family in which praying consider to be a sin. But, Abdullah leaves all those opportunities to find something meaningful in his life.

The story shows that love isn’t only an association of two bodies, but also souls. The story is about several spiritual journeys by Abdullah and is an absolute must-read.


Urdu-language novels have been a well-known form of entertainment for years. Although there isn’t any “right” way to write an Urdu-language novel. However, there are some general guidelines that writers should adhere to to make their books enjoyable and profitable. In the first place, the best Urdu novels must be written well and edited. If readers discover mistakes or typos this will reduce their enjoyment of the novel.

Furthermore, Urdu-language novels must be engaging and captivating, with intricate plotlines and real characters. Additionally, the Urdu novel should be appropriate for the intended readership. If a book is too explicit or graphic the book may not be popular with readers. With these easy tips, novelists can write Urdu-language novels that will be loveable by readers for many years to come.