The Storm King Thunder PDF

The Storm King Thunder PDF

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It is a very famous 5th edition of adventurous Dungeons. It is also acknowledged as a D and D experience offering four to six playing characters leveling up through 1-5 stages till level 10. That means anyone can start his experience from either first-level characters or the 5th level ones. In both cases, the characters have to strive to reach any of the events held at the 11th level following the experience’s decision. All of the experience of The Storm King Thunder PDF happens to be in the old Forgotten realms especially in a defined region famously named Savage Frontier. This location is somewhat in the northwest corner of the Faerfin mainland.

Basic Information

  1. Book name: The Storm King Thunder PDF
  2. Editors
  • Jeremy Crawford
  • Kim Mohan
  • Michele Carter
  1. Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
  2. Type: Adventure
  3. Cover Artist: Tyler Jacobson
  4. Cartography:
  • Jared Blando
  • Will DoyleJason Engle
  • Lee Moyer
  • Christopher Perkins
  • Mike Schley
  1. Realm Years: 1485 DR
  2. Binding: Hardcover
  3. Released: September 2016
  4. Pages: 256
  5. ISBN 10: 0786966009
  6. ISBN 13: 978-0786966004

Publication history

The very famous book named The Storm King Thunder PDF got released on 6th September in the year 2016. It is a hardcover book containing over more than 256 pages. Later, it was also released in the form of a digital product following the license of the Wizards of the Coast famously known as D&D Beyond, Roll20, and Fantasy Grounds. Moreover, this book was one of the second official adventurous 5th edition modules of this series that got released on Roll20.

Contents of The Storm King Thunder PDF

  1. Introduction 
  2. Chapter 1: A Great Upheaval
  3. Chapter 2: Rumblings
  4. Chapter 3: The Savage Frontier
  5. Chapter 4: The Chosen Path
  6. Chapter 5: Den of the Hill Giants
  7. Chapter 6: Canyon of the Stone Giants
  8. Chapter 7: Berg of the Frost Giants
  9. Chapter 8: Forge of the Fire Giants
  10. Chapter 9: Castle of the Cloud Giants
  11. Chapter 10: Hold of the Storm Giants
  12. Chapter 11: Caught in the Tentacles
  13. Appendix A: Linked Adventures
  14. Appendix B: Magic Items
  15. Appendix C: Creatures
  16. Appendix D: Special NPCs
  17. Figures
  18. Maps

Characters of The Storm King Thunder PDF

Although there were several characters included in this book story in all the different parts of it. Yet some of the main categories of its characters include:

  1. Dragons
  2. Dragonborn
  3. Dwarves
  4. Elves
  5. Giants
  6. Gnomes
  7. Goblins
  8. Half-elves
  9. Half-orcs
  10. Halflings
  11. Humans
  12. Tieflings 
  13. And several Others


The Storm King Thunder PDF revolves around 165 locations situated in the Northwest Faerûn. The adventurers have to pass through all of them while seeking ancient relics while their traveling journey. Out of these 165 locations, almost 30 have suggested very strong encounters for the gamers to have plenty of experience, magic tricks, treasure, and much more such stuff to move along the story.

Some of the main location sides include:

  1. Realms
  2. Roads
  3. Passes
  4. Trails
  5. Settlements
  6. Vessels
  7. Wilderness and many more

In addition to these, there are three significant featured encounters in the story that help the people reaching their goals potentially in a very short period.

Plot Summary of The Storm King Thunder PDF

The mysterious Storm King has been absent from the forgotten realms, leaving behind the Giant races that were previously held in check free in order to unleash an invasion all across the realm. With several Frost giants raiding all over the Sword Coast, the fire giants assaulting ferociously the deserts, the cloud giants floating over the Baldur’s gate, and last but not the least the smallfolk of Faerun that have to band and units together prior to being crushed underneath the heel of these Giants race both literally and figuratively. This tremendous module is designed somewhat to lead its gamers from the 1st to the 11th level of it enjoying all the time.

What were the different Fight Giants doing in The Storm King Thunder PDF?

  1. Great giants emerged in this story from their respective strongholds as never before in order to threaten the civilization.
  2. Besides them, the hill giants were trying to steal all the livestock as well as the feeding grains as much as they could.
  3. On the other hand, stone giants have been constantly scouring settlements that have been in the story forever.
  4. The fire giants were press-ganging forcefully the smallfolk of people into the desert
  5. While the cold and frost giants and their longships have been frequently pillaging them to move along the Sword Coast.
  6. Even in the Storm King Thunder PDF, some people also witnessed the exclusive Cloud Giants who were wondrously flying and floating over the Waterdeep and Baldur’s gate cities.

Thus, all the giants were specified for different purposes through the game. Any gamer who is going to play its digitalized version must have to stand with or against any of these giants to have a wondrous adventure of this book. This signifies that this book features one of the most roleplaying world’s greatest games.

Final Remarks on The Storm King Thunder PDF

This book excels in disclosing up an entire new adventurous world to both its reader and the players of its game by granting them a feel of a wondrous adventure. Moreover, the theme in this story is so much similar to the Dungeons and Dragons campaign. However, this is a much refreshing one with an exclusive set of monsters and characters to battle against each other.

Although the Storm King Thunder PDF is much more like an adventurous book. Yet, it maintains its readers’ aim throughout the story. Moreover, its campaign module gaming is fantastic to play either from the beginning or from the 5th level. All the players find extremely interesting things at different locations throughout the game and love it. We recommend that you should also read this book and give it a try for its gameplay for adventurous enjoyment.