Purwa By Bano Qudsia Pdf Free Download

Purwa By Bano Qudsia Pdf Free Download

Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia is the author of the famous Urdu novel “Purwa”, who is a nicely-known lady Urdu author, digest writer, brief and long Urdu memories writer, Urdu drama script author, and one of the most famous Urdu novelists in Pakistan. She is the wife of the extraordinary Urdu creator Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed. Bano Qudsia has scripted several popular Urdu novels as well as Urdu scripts for many Urdu dramas and soaps. Purwa Urdu novel is one of the most well-known Urdu novels written by Bano Qudsia.
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Purwa by Bano Qudsia pdf free download 

“Purwa” is the title identify of this Urdu novel which is genuinely an Urdu fiction social story. The story of this Purwa by Bano Qudsia pdf free download is very alluring and beautiful. This is a famous and very famous novel across the world, in particular in Pakistan & this novel is written by Bano Qudsia which is the most famous novelist in Pakistan.

Features of Purwa by Bano Qudsia pdf free download 

  • Title: Purwa – پروا
  • ISBN: 9693505093
  • Author: Bano Qudsia
  • Language: Urdu
  • Year of Publication: 2013
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Number of Pages: 128

Purwa by Bano Qudsia pdf free download novel story 

Purwa Novel used to be written by Bano Qudsia’s well-known Urdu writer and Novelist of Pakistan. This story incorporates a tremendous social romantic and ethical reforming story in the Urdu language. The story of this novel is primarily based on broken families, unbalanced relationships, complexes, lust for power, Sacrifices insecurities, and intensity. 

Purwa is a romantic kind of the novel by Bano Qudsia. Many writers exhibit us the testimonies & facts which are round us. They have such capability to guide us through their words and stories. She has written many testimonies and has a giant range of followers ready for her novels she has written in many digests.

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Purwa is a fantastically written through Bano Qudsia. This is a Mohabbat Based Urdu Novel, she has a very famous title among who study Urdu novelists and digest writers. The Novel is an easy story of ups and downs of as soon as life, top and awful humans we meet, first-rate and sorrowful moments we share with our friends and family.

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