Shahab Nama by Qudratullah Shahab book Pdf Free Download

 Qudratullah Shahab book Pdf Free Download

Qudrat Ullah Shahab becomes a prominent Urdu author and civil servant from Pakistan. He is high-quality recognized for his autobiography, Shahab Nama. Shahab had posted in English and Urdu languages for cutting-edge newspapers and magazines of Pakistan Writers’ Guild, founded at Karachi in January 1959.He is best known for his autobiography Shahab Nama by Qudratullah Shahab Pdf book Free Download.


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Qudratullah Shahab

Shahab Nama by Qudratullah Shahab book Pdf Free Download

  • Book: Shahab Nama
  • Author: Qudrat Ullah Shahab
  • Size: 56.76 MB

Qudratullah Shahab book Pdf Free Download is an autobiographical e-book written by Qudrat Ullah Shahab. He is the person who served as the primary secretary to General Ayub Khan. He also served as Ambassador to the Netherlands as well as the Information Secretary of Pakistan. He seemingly wrote down essential historic occasions in his books and his interpretation and understanding of these activities in most cases in a spiritual way. This ebook changed into posted after his death.

Qudrat Ullah Shahab wrote well-known plays and novels

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Qudrat Ullah Shahab

Shahab becomes born in Gilgit on 26 February 1917. His father who is named Abdullah Sahib belonged to the Arain tribe of Chimkor Sahib village, district Ambala, and was a student at Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College and a protegé under the supervision of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Abdullah Sahib later shifted from Aligarh to Gilgit. Shahab first rose to prominence when, at sixteen, an essay he penned become selected for the first prize in an international opposition organized through the Reader’s Digest, London, and, in 1941, for being the primary Muslim from Jammu and Kashmir qualifying for the Indian Civil Service. He later moved to Karachi Pakistan after the separation of the sub-continent and took the price of Under-Secretary(Import and Export), Ministry of trade, of the newly formed impartial state. He additionally served the first Secretary-General who later the placement changed into renamed as Chief Secretary of Govt. Of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Shahab died in Islamabad on 24 July 1986 and is buried in a special H-8 Graveyard in Islamabad Pakistan.In the honor of Qudratullah Shahab, On 23 March 2013, Pakistan Post issued a stamp underneath the “Men of Letters” series with the denomination of Rs. 15.

Shahab Nama by Qudratullah Shahab book Pdf Free Download

Shahab Nama is one of the maximum thrilling autobiographies and a remarkable e-book which unfortunately becomes is never translated into English. The beginning of the e-book talks about his life, career, and everything round which in those times turned into so easy that it’s difficult to assume the equal joys in this century. It’s the second element that mesmerizes the audience. It follows his spiritual adventure. Gates are opened to dialogue on parapsychology. We read about his relationship to God which he refers to as “Ninety”. It is out of this world, no phrases can describe this kind of spiritual relationship. His spiritual journey has a feeling of “sukoon” or internal peace. Written at a time when patriotism was real and those believed, it brings out desire and love. Shahab Nama became posted after the death of Qudrat Ullah Shahab and until today stays an important piece of Urdu literature and the most study Urdu e-book in Pakistan.

Aside from the aforementioned implication the publication has lots of social, mental and intellectual aspects. If you want to read it online or you want Shahab Nama by Qudratullah Shahab book Pdf Free Download version, you can easily get both these access form this website