Zong Internet Packages details


Zong Internet Packages details

Zong company
Zong commenced operations as Paktel with the aid of Cable & Wireless in 1991. In May 2007, Paktel Limited was changed through the title of China Mobile Pakistan. In May 2007, China Mobile introduced that it had improved its stake in CMPak. On April 1, 2008, Paktel was once rebranded to Zong.

Zong was once the first mobile organization to accumulate the 4G license during the spectrum of public sales in 2014. Since then, it has come to be the wide variety one preference of most 4G users in Pakistan. Zong currently has more than 5 million 4G customers making it the most used 4G network in Pakistan. The employer serves around 10 million clients through its 3G community as well. Till now, Zong’s whole wide variety of 4G LTE customers stand at 5.1 million while its 3G network including Zong Internet Packages covers 9.1 million customers.
Types of Zong Internet Packages
Ever since the acquisition of the 3G/4G bandwidth, Zong has added several fee aggressive net Packages for its community of users. The enterprise provides free Facebook and WhatsApp usage on its 3G/4G connections as well. Apart from that, customers can opt for daily, weekly, and monthly Zong Internet Packages following their usage requirements. Zong offers an aggregate of free minutes, SMS, and internet MBs as properly consisting of the standalone web bundles.

Complete Zong Internet Packages details
Following are the complete details of different Zong internet packages:
Daily Zong Internet Packages
It presents many Zong internet applications that consist of 2G, 3G & 4G. The most used Zong daily web programs are as follows:
One of the pleasant multi-purpose each day bundles that you can subscribe to on Zong is its Zong Full Gup Package. Under this package, the subscriber gets 75 on-net minutes, 100 free SMS, and 30 web MBs at just Rs 5. Zong users can also go for the Daily 3G/4G Package. You can subscribe to this bundle for Rs 15 with one day’s validity and a subscription charge of Rs 15.
Daily Basic Premium Internet bundle affords its client with 500 MBs of the web for the length of 1 day and at the price of Rs 25+tax solely and the offer can be subscribed through dialing *6464#; to take a look at the remaining facts dial *102#.

Weekly Zong Internet Packages
Zong keeps on introducing 4G packages to let you continue to be connected with your buddies and cherished ones. It has introduced Zong Internet Packages for prepaid and postpaid customers. The most used net packages are Mega Weekly, Super Weekly Plus and Super Weekly.
Mega Weekly web package
Zong presents its clients with four GBs extent of the net for 1 week and at the rate of Rs 160+tax only; they provide can be subscribed through dialing *6464# and to check the remaining data dial *102#.

Super Weekly Plus Zong Internet Packages
Zong gives its customers with three GBs extent of the web for 1 week and at the fee of Rs 130+Tax only; the offer can be subscribed with the aid of dialing *6464# and to take a look at the final records dial *102#.
Super Weekly web bundle
Zong gives its clients with 2 GBs extent of the internet for the length of 1 week and at the rate of Rs 100+tax only. Dial *6464# to subscribe and *102# to test the remaining data.

Monthly Zong Internet Packages
Keeping in contact with the wants of its users, Zong affords the best month-to-month bundles. Zong Monthly Mini 3G / 4G Package is the most popular monthly package deal among its users; the clients can now experience a hundred and fifty MBs with the validity of 30 days. To set off this offer dial *6464#. Zong brings an exciting monthly offer for the IMO lovers. You can now revel in 2 GB data on the IMO app and stay in contact with your loved ones for the entire month with the aid of dialing *466# to subscribe to this restrained time offer.
Other than these Zong brings its Super Duper offers in bundles which bring greater services in one place! In Zong Shandaar Monthly package, you can experience 1,000 On-Net minutes, 100 Off-Net minutes, 1,000 SMS and 1,000 of cellular internet. To avail of this interesting offer, dial *1000#. For further records regarding the month-to-month programs of Zong, dial 301 from your Zong wide variety and be a part of Zong’s dream.

Zong Others Internet Packages
Understanding the wishes of its users, Zong brings a Zong Combo Pack for its users in which the mixture of voice calls and web can be experienced in low-priced rates. Enjoy up to 3,000 MBs and 50 all-Network minutes for 15 days; to subscribe this provides dial *15# and becomes a section of the combo family. The clients can get up to 3 GB records with the validity of 3 months.
Zong brings some other gold to provide for its users who can enjoy the 3 Months Power Pack 1500 (Gold Package) by getting 8000 On-Net minutes, 200 Off-Net minutes, 3000 SMS and 8000 of mobile network data for three months (this provide is relevant for a limited time).
Zong 6 Months MBB – 75GB (Device Only Package), Zong three Months MBB – 36GB (Device Only Package), Zong 12 Months MBB – 65GB (Device Only Package)
Zong Internet SIM three Months 10GB are some most recognized and profitable programs provided through Zong.
For further information, dial 301 from your Zong quantity or dial 111-222-111 landline/mobile variety (with the area code).

Zong social packages
Zong offers the service of free WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger to its users. The network won’t charge you a single rupee for these social media networks. Zong is recognized for its flexibility when it comes to other packages. It gives you the exceptional daily, weekly and monthly packages. These social programs are day by day and monthly. The month-to-month social bundle is solely for WhatsApp due to the increasing demand of WhatsApp users. Zong cares about your finances and desires you to stay connected with your buddies on social platforms.

Zong Add-ons
Zong brings “Add-on” offers to meet imperative situations. Zong offers two add-ons alongside with the above-given facts bundles. If you have bump off 80% of your statistics volume, you are added some more MBs to your data volume.
Features of Zong Internet Packages
All of the above-discussed data applications are only for the prepaid customers of Zong.
• If you want to check the remaining quantity of data, simply dial *102# and select four from the options.
• If you have fed on the whole net bucket, you will be charged 4 Rs/MB.
• You are no longer authorized to subscribe to two facts applications at the identical time. To subscribe to some other statistics package, you want to unsubscribe the first one.
• The facts buckets given above do not consist of tax.

Activation of Zong Internet Packages

The Zong Zong Internet Packages details web packages can be activated by dialing *6464#. This will open a menu from where you can pick out web promotions or web bundles. The Zong Internet Packages possess monthly, weekly and day by day bundles. There are additionally all-in-one bundles which additionally offers free net records[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]