Zong Weekly Internet Packages Details

Zong Weekly Internet Packages Details

Zong Company

Zong Weekly Internet Packages DetailsZong is the industry leader when it comes to low cost and world-class services, whether it’s the voice clarity, message delivery or web services. Zong is creating and main the great ecosystem of “4G communication” for every Pakistani that enables them to connect anytime, somewhere around the world through Zong Weekly Internet Packages.

Zong is growing an incredible and effective client experience and making its exterior and interior customers comfortable through excellent policies, behaviors, and values whilst ensuring quality. Zong is exhibiting honesty and difficult work with integrity to do what is proper and good for their business and taking accountability and responsibility towards their movements and subsequent results.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages Details Zong is usually a step in advance to bring relatively lower-priced web applications for its valued customers. Like the daily web packages, Zong presents distinctive weekly web programs for its subscribers. These internet bundles come with sufficient MBs to cover the heavy downloading and uploading for the whole week. However, there are no freebies protected in them. But, at such a less costly price, these web buckets are very pleasing for the users.

Weekly Internet Packages of Zong

There is a range of numbers of weekly calls, SMS and Zong Weekly Internet Packages that are presented to its customers. Zong gives Prepaid Weekly Call packages such as Shandaar Haftawaar provide and Weekly Unlimited offer. Zong programs give Prepaid and Postpaid customers the freedom to constantly remain linked with their friends & family. Weekly SMS Package is the most used offer used utilizing its customers. The most used month-to-month net applications used by using clients are Monthly Mini one hundred fifty and Monthly Premium 3GB offers.

Types of Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Following are the different types of weekly internet packages of Jazz:

Zong Premium Weekly Internet Packages

Get a premium offer with the aid of the Zong network for 7days and experience 700MBs web in just 70Rs. You can use non-stop Google, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and a good deal greater you desire for. Zong Weekly top rate provides is for daily Zong subscribers. Dial *6464# to see the menu on your cell screen.

Zong Super Weekly 4G Internet Package

Super-duper provide with Zong networks presents 2GB internet solely in simply 100Rs. Activate now to browse ceaselessly. Zong Super weekly comes with to provide its customers with uncountable MBs internet somewhere they are. Zong 4G net accesses you every corner. Dial *6464# to pick Super Weekly 4G Internet Package on the menu list.

 Online Zong Weekly Internet Packages

The weekly on-net package deal allows Zong Customers to continue to be active all day and night. Stay online for 7 days due to the fact Zong online Weekly offer brings a large portal this time. Activate this provides in simply 120Rs inclusive all the tax and greater charges. 2500MB net for an entire week is massive sufficient for an ordinary consumer. Dial *6464# then a menu bar indicates in the front of you, select Zong online weekly net package deal to begin browsing.

 Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package

Super weekly plus internet bundle up 3000MBs internet to supply you limitless web access. Activate this 3G weekly Internet bundle by dialing *6464# in just 130Rs. This mega offer opens up to you if you are an ordinary Zong subscriber. Prepaid and postpaid Zong customers get amazed through this wonderful offer.

 All-in-One Zong Weekly Internet Packages

All-in-One weekly bundle of Zong presents 500 on-net Mins, forty off-net Mins, 500SMS and 500MBs internet. This is a big bundle provided by the Zong telephony community in just 500Rs. Get this All-in-one package deal to make your week one-of-a-kind and enjoyable. Dial *6464#. This is an unparalleled provide to amaze Zong users.