Urdu Books Download PDF

Urdu Books Download PDF

Urdu Books pdf free Download

Urdu language

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Urdu books pdf or Lashkari is known as one of the essential languages spoken in South Asia. It is the countrywide language of Pakistan. It is spoken in Pakistan and Indian-administered Kashmir and is the legit language of the country. It is likewise a professional language in India. It is spoken all over India, particularly inside the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. It is also closely related to Hindi but containing many Arabic and Persian version words. Today many Urdu Books Download PDF free download are available on the internet which strengthens this language much.

Urdu is spoken as a first language spoken by 70 million humans and as a 2nd language by greater than 100 million human beings, predominantly in Pakistan and India. It is the professional state language of Pakistan and is likewise officially recognized, or “scheduled,” in the charter of India. Significant speech communities also exist in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the United States as well. Notably, Urdu and Hindi are collectively intelligible.

 Urdu Books download PDF

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Book studying is an entertaining hobby that comes with the introduced bonus of widening our world view and introducing us to new methods of lifestyles that we’d otherwise learn about on our own. While a lot of Pakistani millennials are ardent readers, they’re extra often than no longer blind to the Urdu Books pdf free download penned down by way of Urdu writers. Ranging from social dramas to romances and from comedies to fantasy/adventure, Urdu literature has rich records that need to now not be allowed to die.

 So, as literal favor to all the ones who understand Urdu but continue to be oblivious to the wonders of its literary contribution, we compiled a list of famous Urdu Books download pdf which can be an absolute must-read for each literate Pakistani out there!

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Types of Urdu Books pdf free download

Based on literary, cultural, and historical importance, this listing tries to present some of the most wonderful Urdu Books downloads pdf. It isn’t always restricted to literature and includes books on history, culture, philosophy, and religion. You can easily read these books online of either download them to read offline with ease.

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The following are the types of Urdu Books download PDF lists that you can follow and enjoy reading.


1.   Sakoot Bol Para By: Waheed Noor

2.    Kal Ki Baat By: Muhammad Kazim

3.   Abaad Kharaba By: Kishwar Naheed

4.   Dilli Tha Jis Ka Naam By: Intizar Hussain

5.   Gali Koochay By: Intizar Hussain

6.   Insanee Tamaasha By: Shafiq-Ur-Rehman

7.   Rag-E-Sang Kay Rang By: Dr. Anees Ahmad

8.   Tooti Hui Tanaab Udhar By: Asghar Nadeem Syed

9.   Lagan Apni Apni By: Bano Qudsia

10. Kaise Kaise Log By: Dr. A. B. Ashraf

Romantic Urdu Novels

1.   Woh Nazneen by Farah Bukhari

2.   Teri Zulf Ke Sar Hone Tak by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

3.   Zard Angan by Ruhi Farrukh

4.   Kabhi Ishq Karo by Yasmin Nishat

5.   Khasara by Abida Sabeen

6.   Hawain Rukh Badal Gain by Nighat Abdullah

7.   Ik Junoon Khwab Tarab written by Ushna Kausar Sardar

8.   Mohabbat Barish Ka Mosam by Asma Farooq

9.   Mohabbat Ho Gai Akhir by Mustufa Chhipa

10. Lakh Jatan Kar Haari by Muskaan Ahzem

Entertaining Urdu Books download PDF

1.    Urdu Ki Aakhri Kitab

2.    Shahab Nama

3.    Raja Gidh

4.    Himaqatain

5.    Aik Mohabbat Sau Afsanay

6.    Ganjay Farishtay

7.    Chiragh Talay

8.    Over Coat

9.    Niklay Teri Talaash Mein

10. Pitras Ke Mazameen 

Islamic Urdu Books download PDF

1.   Introduction To Islam By: Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah

2.   Wisdom From The Quran By: Nilofar Ahmed

3.   Kasfh Ul Mahjub By: Prof. Hameedullah Shah Hashmi

4.   Fikr-I Darvaish By: Prof Muhammad Abdullah Bhatti

5.   Search For Beauty In Islam Conference Of The Books By: Khaled Abou El Fadl

6.   Truthful Stories Of The Ambiyaa By: Mufti Afzal Hussain Ilyas

7.   An Interview With Allah By: Anwar Ali Shah

8.   Sirat-Ul-Nabi (S.A.A.W) By: Jahangir Book

9.   Kalam-E-Baba Fareed By: Syed Baber Ali

10. Commanalities And Similarities In World Religions By: Wajih Ud Din Siddiqui

Literature Urdu Books download PDF

1.   Hum Jo Zinda Hain By: Ayn Rand

2.   Sharah Asrar O Ramoz By: Sayd Ameer Khokhar

3.   Godfather (Urdu Translation) By: Rauf Klasra

4.   Mitti Mile Khawab By: Ali Iftikhar Jafri

5.   Romeo And Juliet (Urdu) By: William Shakespeare

6.   Bisaat By: Basir Sultan Kazmi

7.   Chaand Gahan By: Intizar Hussain

8.   Fikr-I Darvaish By: Prof Muhammad Abdullah Bhatti

9.   Gardish-E-Rang-E-Chaman By: Quratulain Haider

10. Hairat Kadah By: Ashfaq Ahmed

Current Affairs

1.   Pakistan: Failure In National Integration By: Rounaq Jahan

2.   Bayanye Ki Jung By: Yasir Pir Zadha

3.   Deeda-E- Ibrat By: Ahsan Shauq

4.   Ghair Janib Dar Jinnah Aur Pakistan By: Saleena Karim

5.   Pakistan Sab Kay Liyay By: Dr. Haroon Rasheed Tabassum

6.   Inqilab Takrir Se Thereer Tak By: Owais Rabbani

7.   Tareekh-E-Lahore By: Kanhaiya Lal

8.   Human Rights In Pakistan By: M. H. Syed

9.   Bekhuwab Ratein By: Iqbal Haider Butt

10. South Asian Cultures Of The Bomb: Atomic Publics And The State In India And Pakistan written By: Itty Abraham

Regional Poetry

1.   Imran Ki Shairi By: Imran Shamshad

2.   Chup Ka Geet By: Nadia Kamran

3.   The Colours Of My Heart Selected Poems – By: Faiz Ahmed Faiz

4.   Dhanak Kay Samnay By: Waseem Butt Waseem

5.   Dewan Qutab Jamaaludin (T) 2 Vols (Farsi) By: Jamaluddin Ahmad Hanswi

6.   Dewan Akhtar By: Akhtar Saeed

7.   Bang E Dara – By: Allama Mohammad Iqbal

8.   Dasht-E-Qais Mein Laila By: Kishwar Naheed

9.   Iqbals Poetry Tulip In The Desert By: Mustansir Mir

10. Love And Rolution of Faiz Ahmed Faiz The Authorized Biography written By: Ali Madeeh Hashmi

Short Stories Urdu Books download pdf

1.   Aashiq By: Marguerite Duras

2.   Doosra Darwaza By: Bano Qudsia

3.   Guddi Gudda By: Abdaal Bela

4.   Gadariaa, Ujlay Phool By: Ashfaq Ahmed

5.   Katbon Kay Darmian By: Dr Humaira Ishfaq

6.   Khaymay Say Door By: Intizar Hussain

7.   Chhay Afsanay By: Dr Saleem Akhtar

8.   Subhaney Fsaney By: Ashfaq Ahmed

9.   Nai Purani Kahanian By: Intizar Hussain

10. Manto Kahanian By: Sadaat Hassan Manto


1.   Chalo Japan Chalte Hain By: Amjad Islam Amjad

2.   Dunia Rang Rangeeli By: Tariq Mehmood Mirza

3.   Lahore Awargi By: Mustansar Hussain Tarar

4.   Safar Kalaash Ke By: Qaisar Abbas Sabir

5.   Safarnama Ibn Batuta By: Khan Bahadur Moulvi Muhammed Hussain

6.   Chitral Dastaan – By: Mustansar Hussain Tarar

7.   Qaraqaram Kay Burf Zaron Say – By: Jawad Shehrazi


1.   Tareekh Ki 100 Mutassir Kun Shaksiyat Written By: Michael H. Hart

2.   Life And Works Of Saadat Hasan Manto By: Tahira Naqvi

3.   Eminent Muslim Scientists By: Syed Fakhr-E-Alam

4.   Alys Faiz Ki Kahani By: Syed Mazhar Jamil

5.   Mera Dost Nawaz Shareef By: Ziya Shahid

6.   Shah Jahan By: Dr. Syed Ijaz Hussain

7.   Air Commodor M M Alam By: Zahid Yaqub Aamir

8.   Urdu Kay 100 Namwar Shayr By: Nand Kishore Vikram

9.   Dastaan Jaari Hay By: Abul Hassan Naghmi

10. Humayun Nama By: Rashid Akhtar Nidvi

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A large library of urdu books is available on internet and their interest of reading is all over the globe. Urdu Books Download PDF readers search them easily on internet and mesmerize themselves by reading them. These urdu books and available both online and offline freely so anyone can easily can get access to them.