US Homeland Security’s acting chief of staff resigns

US Homeland Security Acting Chief Kevin McAllen has also resigned, and the Trump administration’s top officials’ resignation has widened.

President Trump said in his tweet that Kevin MacLennan has done a great job as a security chief to prevent infiltration on the US border, but since he has spent many years of his life with the government, he is now left. Want to spend time with your family. Sources close to Kevin say they would like to work in the private sector instead of the government.

To be clear, Kevin was replaced by Kirsten Nelson. Details of why he has resigned now are unclear, but President Trump said he would announce the new Homeland Security Secretary next week.

The Trump administration has successfully stopped immigrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, while Trump says those seeking political asylum in the United States must first apply for it. Try to reach Mexico directly by train from Mexico. Thousands of people crossing the border have been arrested in this regard.

Kevin says according to President Trump’s directive, US border guards have been tightening restrictions on legal documents without crossing the US border. On the other hand, a US federal judge has ruled against such restrictions by President Trump, calling the sanctions strictly against all immigrants the American dream.

The court also condemned smuggling of food and medical aid to immigrants in the United States. Strict laws on immigrants will begin to be implemented in the next few days, but New York’s Southern District Judge John Daniels upheld the ruling across the country. The judge wrote in his ruling that the government was not able to cite any reason in this regard. US courts consider it necessary to remind that in such cases, the United States is in fact a country of immigrants. Its original population was very small and the rest of the children were exposed to incoming white matter as their roots were hollowed out so they disappeared from society.
On the other hand, Judge David Barry Ons of the Western District of Texas has also ruled against Trump’s announcement of building a wall on the Mexico border, saying that on one hand you are creating unnatural obstacles to the neighboring country and the other. On the side, you demand that Mexico pay for the construction of the wall, which in no way is justice. Therefore, the US president should review his decision.