Bhiria Road

Bhiria road is in Naushahro Feroze district, in Sindh. This district is distinct in a way that it has two towns with the same name Bhiria. One is Bhiria city and the other is Bhiria town  Today we are talking about Bhiria road. The older name of this road was Machhiki Goth. 

This road has the same history as that of Bhiria City. Once upon a time, it was a beautiful city where peace and harmony prevailed. On one unfortunate day flood wreaked great havoc in this city and destroyed it all. The inhabitants of this city fled to another town known as Bahadur Kot. Once the flood was over the denizens of Machhiki Goth which is now Bhiria Road came back and rebuild their town. They rebuilt their town from scratch and gave it the current form. The older generation of Bhiria road still recall and cherish the beautiful tale of how they have rebuilt their town from destruction.

Mode of Living.

The majority of the people of Bhiria road lives on agriculture. Their basic mode of living is agriculture. Wheat and cotton are the major crops of this town. One can find plenty of wheat and cotton fields in this town. 

Along with wheat and cotton fields, this town is famous for its fruits.  Mangoes and guavas are the special fruits of this town and they are so famous that people from all over the world came to taste them. There is a sweet which is a specialty of Bhiria road and that sweet is called Kheer Pera.

Agriculture is the basic mode of living here because irrigation is in abundance. There is a lot of canal water which is available for crops. All the goods of agriculture are sold in a market which is in Bhiria road.  

The wholesale market in Bhiria road is the main attraction for traders. Traders visit this wholesale market to buy wheat, maize, cotton, sugarcane and other goods of agriculture in bulk and abundance.

Bhiria Road is a beautiful town. The people here are warm and friendly, it’s worth a visit once in a lifetime.

Bhiria road Railway station Bhiria Road railway station (Urdu: بھیریا روڈ ریلوے اسٹیشن‎, Sindhi: ڀريا روڊ ريلوي اسٽيشن‎) is located in Bhiria road city, Naushahro Feroze district of Sindh province, Pakistan.

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