Dadu sindh

dadu sindh hill sattion

Sindh is a beautiful province and it is filled with so many amazing towns and regions. Dadu is one such town in Sindh and it is very famous for a lot of things.  This town is located on the Western bank of river Indus. 

People who come to visit this river also visit Dadu sindh. It is that one-time town that receives a lot of visitors because of the presence of the Indus river.

Talking about the administration of this town it is divided into three Union councils. The best thing about this town is that it is the capital of the district Dadu.

This town is world-famous for its beautiful mosques. There are so many mosques in this town and they are printed in typical Sindhi style.  Everything is unique about the mosques of Dadu.  

Dadu sindh has some commercial value because of the presence of a domestic airport. This Airport is served by Pakistan International Airlines. It is not a very busy place because this airport operates weekly and it takes only flights to Karachi but nonetheless Dadu has an airport which makes it different from the other towns. The flights were started on 30th June 2015.

Dadu has one more feature which makes it stand apart from the other towns and that is the presence of a highway. This town is linked with Karachi and Hyderabad and people who wish to travel by Highway can take the road from Dadu.

This town is home to 2 lakh people and it offers very few opportunities. Agriculture and pottery shops are the basic mode of living here. For all those who want to make a better future for themselves head to Karachi and Lahore.  

The people here are warm and friendly despite a lack of opportunities. Women here are reduced to homes and kitchens and one doesn’t see them around much. 

There are vast fields in this town and one can see a lot of youth in these fields. For all those who wish to eat the quality food should head to this town. It’s full of amazing people.


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