Sufism and Education in Badin District

Badin pronounced as ( Bad een ) is a district in the beautiful province of Sindh. This district has a rich culture which is mostly Sindhi in nature. Though most of the population is rural yet there are education centers in this district for Education purposes. 

Badin and Sufism

Badin culture has the touch of Sufism in it. Sufism and Education in Badin District were prevalent in this area in ancient times. There was this famous festival in this region known as Giyarwee Sharif also called Sharif Mela which was very famous in this region.  Sharif Mela used to bring almost 50,000 people to the beautiful venue of Badin. This festival was started in 1569 and it remained the center of attraction for many decades. In 1969 this festival ended because the government was no longer in support of this festival and there were not many sponsors for it. At that time, around 1969 when Pakistan was going through the bad political phase Wahhabism was at the peak in Badin. With the prevalence of Wahhabism, things changed in Badin. Sufism was declined and extreme Islamic practices prevailed. Still, this region has the Sufi vibes and it is still known for the famous Sufi personalities who thrived here and have lived here. 

Education in Badin

The government has made sure that there is an education and educational institution in the district of Badin. There are more than 200 schools for boys and 109 schools for girls. Most of the schools are owned by the government. There is even a possibility of acquiring higher education in this region and there are schools for that purpose as well.

The campus of Laar

The University of Sindh has made a great contribution to this district by establishing a campus here. There is a campus in the region of this district that is the extension of the University of Sindh and it is Known as Laar. This campus provides higher education, and it is especially convenient for girls.

Badin is the 18th largest district of Sindh. It has a diverse population, and it’s worth a visit.

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