City Of Pakistan Sindh Jacobabad

We have heard all our lives that there is a City Of Pakistan Sindh Jacobabad that has extreme temperatures in summer. Well, this city is Jacobabad and it is located in Sindh. Jacobabad is the capital city of Jacobabad district and not just this it is the administrative center of Jacobabad Taluka as well. 

This means that it is the subdivision of the district as well. This amazing city is subdivided into 8 different Union councils. It is said that once Jacobabad was a village and that village later became a city.  This city is named after the East India Company officer John Jacob.

Jacobabad has an interesting history. It was ruled by the British for so many years and after the British period was over it was reigned by a Sardar whose name was Taj Dero Khan.  

After the partition of Pakistan, the city was saved from the rules of foreign rulers. Jacobabad is world famous because of consistently having the highest temperature in South Asia. The temperature here can rise up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit and 37 degrees Celsius.

Back in 2010, former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani announced that he wishes to establish a University here. In 2016 a suicide Bomber attacked 22 Shiites and because is this, the City Of Pakistan Sindh Jacobabad became the highlight for so many days.

Though Muslims are in majority yet different people with different religions also exist. Jacobabad is famous for many Hindu temples like Nandro Mata Mandir and Sach Khand. 

The temperature in Jacobabad stays high throughout the year. Jacobabad has a hot desert climate. There are extremely hot summers and mild winters 

The highest ever recorded temperature here is 62.8 Celsius and the lowest one was 3.9 Celsius. Rain does not fall here often and most people get a shower in the months of the monsoon. This City Of Pakistan Sindh Jacobabad has commercial value because of the presence of an airport. This Airport is located about 330 miles, north of Karachi.

People here are warm and friendly but they have a dark complexion because of the extreme summer. The fruits and vegetables here are fresh and delicious. 

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