About Rajo Khanani

Visiting Sindh means visiting the beautiful places this province inhibits. Sindh is an amalgamation of many districts and regions. Along with districts and regions, one can find a lot of villages here. One such famous village here is known as About Rajo Khanani. it is not the largest village of Sindh but it has some Legends associated with it. Rajo khanani is a relatively small village in the region of Sindh and it has a population of about 8000 people. People of Rajo khanani are warm and friendly and they are known for their hospitality and bravery.

Latitude of Rajo Khanani is about 24,9833 ( 2458’59.880” N ) and its longitude is about 68,8500 ( 6850’60.000” E ) 

Some Facts About Rajo Khanani

This village has a dry temperature. In summer people find it difficult to protect themselves from the heatwave because of the extreme weather. In Winters the weather is moderate here. Mostly the people of About Rajo Khanani are comprised of rural people. Their basic mode of Living is agriculture. Most of the people in this village plant their own vegetables and fruits in their own space. To make a living the people of this village sell these vegetables and fruits to the wholesale market which is on Badin road.

Illiteracy is at a peak in the village named Rajo khanani. People here are simple and they are poor as well. It is hard for the people of this village to make ends meet and this is the reason why they don’t focus much on education. There are not many schools in this village and whatever place is available for educational purposes is reserved only for boys.

The girls of Rajo khanani village are Married off at a young age. Because the girls are married off at a young age they face a lot of pregnancy complications and medical issues in their lives. One can find suppression among the women of this village as well.  There is hardly a woman in About Rajo Khanani who is educated. People of this village do not consider education, a valuable asset for a woman. In spite of all these women work with their man from Dawn to Dusk and they make sure that they are earning enough for the family.

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