About Badin Sindh is the District and this district is located in Sindh, Pakistan. Badin is located at the latitude of 24.66 and the longitude of 68.84. It is situated at an elevation of 14 meters above sea level. Badin is a beautiful district and it has a population of about 75,000. Its population makes it the 18th biggest district of Sindh.

About Badin Sindh Pakistan to Karachi

Badin is a famous district of Sindh. Sindh’s culture is beautifully incorporated in the district of About Badin Sindh. People speak many languages here including, Urdu, Sindhi, and Seraiki. The total area of this district is almost 6726 square kilometers. Its population will soon cross the 80000 mark. Among its population almost 16 percent of people are Urban. They Urban people of Badin district are comparatively prosperous than their rural fellows.

About Badin Sindh
About Badin Sindh

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Almost 83% population of the Badin district is composed of people who live in rural areas. Their basic mode of living is agriculture, they earn their living because of agriculture. Indus river irrigates the crops of this district and it’s the most famous river here. About Badin Sindh is famous for its Sufi Vibe. it is said that once this district was the main attraction for Sufism. With the passage of time, Sufism has declined in this district and Wahhabism intensified but still, this district is known for some of the most prominent Sufi personalities who thrived here, lived here, and taught people about the right way of living.

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Badin people are friendly people. They are known for their hospitality and generosity. They take great care of their guests. Because most of the population of this district is rural so the dress code hair is dhoti and kurta but frequently the urban people also wear pants, shirts, and waistcoats. Because this district is located in About Badin Sindh so the ajrak here is also very famous.  The summers are extreme here because of the presence of the ocean but the winters are relatively less Extreme here. It’s a beautiful district and you should visit it at least once in your lifetime. For a vacation, it can be suitable for a number of reasons,

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