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Abbottabad is situated in Abbottabad District which is present in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is also famous as one of the most active developing and commercializing cities in Pakistan. This town is mainly recognized for its delightful climate. Here the weather is not very cool like that of the Galliat region. Rather, it is quite endurable in summer with average temperature on days and chilly nights. In this article, we are going to tell you some of the top places to visit in Abbottabad. Amenities in Abbottabad Abbottabad is expedited with all the facilities for convenient living. There you will find several:

  • Planned residential areas for comfortable living
  • the market with an immense number of shops
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • leisure points
  • historical sites
  • several top places to visit in Abbottabad for tourist attractions and many more. Moreover, Abbottabad is renowned because miraculously surrounded by the large mountains of Surban. That presents a very astonishing view at night especially when the lights are turned on. That furnishes a glittering sparkle in the entire valley.

List of Top Places to Visit in Abbottabad

 1-Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad

It is the biggest and most seasoned mosque of Abbottabad, which was worked over a flood of water that streams under it. There is a little lake situated before it. Ilyasi mosque is known for its delightful engineering, forcing structure, the feeling of harmony and serenity, and lovely white façade. Moreover, there is an antiquated regular spring that is accepted to have mending abilities.

This mosque is positioned among the most excellent mosques in Pakistan. You can’t get enough of it. Whenever you will visit Abbottabad in all actuality do visit this mosque. You will have an extraordinary encounter.

While Touring the recreational places, one must visit the famous Ilyas mosque in Abbottabad. It is renowned to be one of the largest and oldest mosques that got built-in the year 1932 at the base of a mountain. It is one of the top places to visit in Abbottabad because of the following features:

  • It is expanded over an approximate area of 5-Kanals.
  • It has a unique architecture of an immense number of minarets
  • It is a white-colored building
  • There is also a small ornamental pool on its frontal side including colorful fishes in it.
  • This mosque welcomes a fresh and cold-water river flowing from the mountain behind it
  • The mountain present on its back presents a marvelous view of the entire Abbottabad city.
  • The locality is also a picnic point where several vendors offer Pakora at their stalls that are recognized for their incomparable taste along with traditional delightful sauces.
  1. Shimla Hill Abbottabad Picnic Points
    Shimla Hill is a famous hill present in the Sherwan range that is further extended to the west side of Abbottabad. It is covered with thick forests comprising numerous pine trees. It presents a breathtaking view of the entire city, thus making it one of the top places to visit in Abbottabad. Moreover, one of its prominent sites is the famous Shimla Hill Park. That park is located at a hilltop where people come to enjoy the refreshing breezes of Abbottabad and also have a glorious view of the city entirely.

Abbottabad Picnic Points

  1. Miranjani Top Abbottabad Picnic Points:
    It is the most elevated top in the Galyat district. 9816 feet high and 4.69 km long track. Novices need roughly 3-4 hours to climb it. Two tracks are available for climbing. One beginning from Nathia Gali and another track is coming from Dagri Bangla Resthouse, Abbottabad.
  1. Mukeshpuri (Mushkpuri) Top Abbottabad picnic points
    After Miranjani, it is the second most elevated mountain in the Galyat area. 9200 feet high, found simply over the Dunga Gali. It is a 4 km long, consistent and safe ascension. However, it becomes risky while snowfalls. It requires roughly 3 hours to arrive at the top. Two ways are available for climbing. You can reach either by journeying from Nathia Gali or the track in Dunga Gali. Its larger part of the area is covered with subalpine conifer woods. There is an amazing perspective at the top! Furthermore, after arriving at the pinnacle following regions will be noticeable.
  • Circle Bakote
  • Jhelum River
  • Bagh District of Azad Kashmir
  • Murree
  • Murree Tehsil, Islamabad
Miranjani Top
Mushkpuri top
Harnoi Abbottabad
Abbotabad Shumla Slope
  1. Thandiani:
    This name is clarifying this place enough. Think about what’s the significance here? Indeed, “freezing”. Relatively, the temperature stays exceptionally low around here. It is known for cold, harmony, and vegetation. Individuals who simply need to loosen up should visit this spot. It is 31 km from Abbottabad, 2700 meters above ocean level, and encompassed by rich green pine timberlands.

Thandiani Hill is a very beautiful locality. It is also one of the most well-lit top places to visit in Abbottabad. Allah has made a great abundance of grace here. Thus, these hills give Abbottabad a blessing accompanying by nature. No one can understand and acknowledge the real beauty of these hills without having a sight of it. Here, you will have the pleasantness of these extraordinary mountains in all the seasons of the year.

  1. Harnoi Waterway:
    Harnoi is an unassuming community that is around 11km from Abbottabad on Nathia Gali street. It is a lovely spot encompassed by vegetation. Harnoi river is a notable place of interest as a result of the way that it is a 15-20 min drive from Abbottabad. It is an invigorating point that causes you to feel greatly improved.

Also Called Harnoi Lake 
Harnoi is a little town renowned for its beauty. It is almost 11km away from Abbottabad, present on the NathiaGali road. It is a wonderful place that is surrounded on all sides by tremendous greenery. Harnoi river is a famous tourist locality because it is merely on 15-20 min driving time from Abbottabad. Moreover, it is a delightful place that takes anyone to a whole new world of freshness.

  1. Shimla Slope:
    It is a slope of the Sherwan range stretching out toward the west of Abbottabad. It is a quiet spot covered with thick shrubberies of pine. You get the emotional perspective on the excellent town from the pinnacle.

7.Jalal Baba Auditorium

It was developed in 1993, spreading over an area of 8.75 sections of land. This assembly hall was named after the regarded head of All Muslim Association Muhammad Jalal-ud-commotion Jalal Baba. It is utilized for leading displays, show occasions, public gatherings, meetings, various exercises. 
Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex is a famous public place in Abbottabad for learning in leisure.

  • It was built in the year 1993
  • It is said to be is one of the most wondrous designed buildings composed of a colossal structure.
  • It consists of a huge well-furnished hall organized for multi-use purposes
  • There also some VIP rooms and performers waiting room
  • The hall is capable to seat more than 500-700 people.
  • Here is also an auditorium where several exhibitions, public meetings, concerts, and multiple events are held.
  1. St. Luke’s Congregation

It is the verifiable fortune of the town that was developed in 1864. Individuals who love recorded spots should visit them. It has its importance in strict the travel industry!

  1. Sajikot Waterfall

It is situated in Havelian Tehsil, Abbottabad Region. Distance is around 47 Km from Abbottabad. There are different cascades in the town as well yet Sajikot gets the notice of vacationers because of its excellence!

The Next Big Thing in the places to visit in Abbottabad is the most famous and attractive and scenic place Thandiani located in Abbottabad. Its beauty makes you Admire the Creator’s blessings. As its’s name shows the place specialty “freezing and cold”. Must visit this place to have more words for it.

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Jalal Baba Auditorium
Jalal Baba Auditorium
St. Luke’s Congregation
Sajikot Cascade

Most of the people like visitors, tourists, holidaymakers, and foreigners keep on searching regarding the best places to visit in Specific areas, cities, countries, and territories. Same as with the Abbottabad! They search for the Best and top places to visit in Abbottabad.  

Abbottabad is the 40th Largest city in Pakistan. In terms of population, it is the 4th biggest province in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is the Capital of Abbottabad District Hazara Region of Eastern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

  • Height: 1,256 m
  • Region: 18,013 km²
  • Climate: 14°C, Wind E at 10 km/h, 29% Humidity
  • Populace: 208,491 (2017)
  • Region code: 0992

Before Moving into the Places to visit in Abbottabad, Let’s have a look at the cultural history, scenic attraction of Abbottabad 

Army Burn Hall College
Army Burn Hall College
Jalal Baba Auditorium abbottababd

Is Abbottabad beautiful OR appealing?

The place is exceptionally appealing and promising, no matter what the season. The weather conditions are charming in summer and you can visit different excursion spots in Abbottabad. In the colder time of year season, you can appreciate snowfall in Abbottabad. In the winter of 2019, there was weighty snowfall in Abbottabad.

For what reason is Abbottabad renowned?

Abbottabad is called the City of Pines. Furthermore, it is renowned among the country given its great Quality education system and military foundations, as the famous military institute, Pakistan Military Institute (PMA) is situated at Kakul close to Abbottabad.

You people must be anxiously wandering about The Next Big Thing in the Places to Visit in Abbottabad. So, HOLD ON!

10.Abbottabad Golf Club 

Abbottabad Golf Club is another one present in the list of top places to visit in Abbottabad. It is one of the magnificent Golf Courses present in Pakistan. Some of its features are:

  • This unique Golf Course sometimes gets overlooked by the Surban mountains.
  • It consists of a spread of rich and lush green fairways.
  • The fresh and cool air, brushing the towering Maple trees besides this of course presents a marvelous view.
  • It also gives an exceptional essence of nature to the visitants.
  • Moreover, the famous Golf Club has successfully held several national and international sport matches.

In short, it is one of the principal Golf Clubs of Pakistan.

Ancient St Luke’s Church

The Abbottabad city is also renowned for the ancient infrastructure of both Hindu as well as British settlements. Here there are many:

  • broad cantonment streets
  • wooden architecture of British houses
  • old official buildings
  • traditional religious places and many more

One of the famous of all is an old St Luke’s Church. It is said to be an Anglican Church that gets dedicated to St. Luke.  Currently, it is under the jurisdiction of the Peshawar Diocese of Pakistan Church. It is also one of the top places to visit in Abbottabad.

Lady Garden

Lady garden is also one of the top places to visit in Abbottabad. It is ordinarily forced to visit to end up a tourist’s day pleasantly. It is a popular entertainment area where families come to enjoy their picnic every day. This area is much more like an aristocratic parking space. That is because children love to go there with their parents to have a great playing time. It is a very attractive place for getting rid of daily worries and having a sense of complete relaxation. And if you are lonely then you can create entertainment on this point on your own. Especially in the evening, people enjoy the breathtaking scenes of the sunset here.

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