Bahrain swat

Bahrain Swat

So many times we have heard about Bahrain but we don’t really know where this town actually situated. This beautiful and amazing town is situated in the Swat valley and it is just to die for. Its beauty is breathtaking and it is said that it is so gorgeous that you may not be able to take it off your mind for a couple of days after visiting it.

Bahrain is a wonderful town in the Swat valley and the meaning of this name is two rivers. When you will go to Bahrain then you will witness an amazing spectacle of the merging of two rivers that is Swat River and Daral River.

Tourist Attraction!

The northern areas of Pakistan are all to die for. They are so pretty and so exceptional that people all over the world come to visit them. Same as this, Bahrain is also the main tourist attraction and people come from all over the world to see this beautiful place. Mostly people come to see the merging of two rivers near Bahrain that is indeed a spectacle in so many ways.


We have seen beautiful handicrafts in Lahore and Karachi but do you have any idea where do these handicrafts come from? These handicrafts come from Bahrain.

People and tourists go to Bahrain, they get the handicrafts and then they make an amazing profit when they come back to Lahore. If you want the world’s best handicraft then there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit Bahrain in your 1st convenience. This place is just beautiful and it will serve you in the best way possible.


It is said that near the rivers of Bahrain there are such extraordinary species of fishes that you can marvel at them for a long period of time. There are such species of fish available in Bahrain that there are chances you will not be able to find them anywhere else.

For instance! If you want to see how starfish looks like in real then you need to go to Bahrain so you can witness this marvel. This place is amazing. Not only it has beautiful places, it has beautiful jewelry, handicraft, fishes and many other things.


As far as the climate of this town is concerned than the climate is very mild. In summers temperature can go up really bad and in winter it can drop to a minus degree level. Overall the climate of Bahrain is mild and it is tolerable. Still, it is always a good idea to cover yourself properly so you stay safe from any disease or stuff.

According to different researches, July is the hottest month of Bahrain and people really find it difficult to survive in this hot month. If you have kids with you then make sure you do not take them to Bahrain in this hot month. Otherwise, it is a beautiful place and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be here for all the other months.


The people of Bahrain are really nice. They are so good to each other that you can feel as if you are going to admire them. There is great hospitality in Bahrain and if you visit this beautiful town then people are going to serve you really well.

The people of Bahrain are very simple. They work very hard to earn a living for themselves. At the same time, they are very generous with their resources. They will offer you food even if they themselves do not have much. Make sure you visit this beautiful place at least once in your lifetime. 

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