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Murree is well-known as one of the astonishing and attractive vacation resorts present in Pakistan. Travelers from all over the country enjoy a visit to Murree top places as this magnificent mountainous resort to get escaped from the worries and tensions of daily life. Moreover, to avoid suffocating heat in the summer season people also love to visit it. In addition to that, in winters while all the Northern Areas of Pakistan are hard to reach, some individuals love to linger in the neighboring hotel to experience the snowfall without any inconvenience.

Naming and History

  • The beautiful name of the Murree area is derived from two words: ‘mar and hi’ meaning ‘high place.’
  • Another widespread belief is that this area got named after the famous Virgin Mary while colonial rule. That is when the British rulers conquered Punjab in the year 1849. Soon afterward, it was determined that a public hill station will be formed at that locality.
  • Initially, it was a sanatorium that was meant to help the British military executives dwelled close to the Military Cantonment of Rawalpindi conveniently.
  • Later, it was also adopted as the Punjab Government’s headquarters.
  • Currently, it has converted to a vacationing hill station and is included in the list of top tourist destinations present in Pakistan.

Murree Location

Murree is situated at a distance of approximately 21.3 km. This hill station stands at a good altitude of 2,291 meters that is almost 7000 feet above the normal sea level. The quickest way for a visit to Murree takes almost one and a half-hour journey moving from Islamabad accompanying the Kashmir Highway to reach there.
Remarkable features of Murree
Whenever you plan a visit to Murree, you will enjoy the following beauties:

  • Dense green trees
  • Cold weather
  • Fresh air
  • Beautiful valleys
  • Magnificent clouds roaming on the road
  • Beautiful Sunsets
  • Morning Dew 
  • Cool Bright Nights and many more  

Moreover, the greenery on these hills makes you happily embrace yourself.

Weather Conditions in Murree

The climate of the Murree persists fair and pleasant throughout the entire year. Vacationists who want to experience the snowfall must plan a visit to Murree during the winter months. On the other hand, in July and August months, the temperature shifts relatively warm and humid sometimes.

When should you plan a visit to Murree?

Vacationists can travel to Murree at any season of the year. If a traveller aspires to explore the natural beauty of the Murree hills in snow falling, then he must plan a visit to Murree in Dec, January, and February. During that season, tourists are advised to have warm dresses with them. They should take socks, raincoats, footwear, and jackets along with them.

Hotels in Murree

There are several Hotels in Murree for residence available at reasonable rates. Visitors can readily find out the most suitable hotels in Murree according to their price range. Some of the prominent hotels present here are 

  • Felton hotel
  • Faran hotel
  • Green hotel
  • Blue Pines hotel
  • PC Burban resort
  • Shangrilla resort
  • Metropole, and many others.

Tourists can reserve accommodation there both online and remotely.
Roads leading to Murree there are four prominent routes to Murree from its Islamabad capital. It takes almost 1.30 hours to arrive Murree from Islamabad through the old Islamabad-Murree Road. On the other hand, it takes approximately an entire hour to enter Murree from Islamabad through the 4-lane Expressway of Islamabad-Murree.

How to reach Murree safely?

Murree is said to be a safe area to visit. No crime occurrences happen at this spot. Thus, we can say Murree is uniquely secure and safe to travel with family and friends. Most of the visitants use their transportation. Public transport is however limited and individuals arriving from remote regions use their vehicles.

Top Famous Places to See When You Have A Visit to Murree

Famous places in Murree are

  • Mall Road
  • Pindi Point
  • Kashmir Point
  • Patriata (New Murree)
  • Ayubia
  • Nathiagali
  • Murree Hills

Some Of Them Are Described Below:

Mall Road

Mall Road is one of the most prominent marketplaces in Murree. It is also the most desirable spot to experience the gathering…  of the town! The market normally remains open until around 3 am. Moreover, this unique boulevard is continually rushed by several tourists and locals. There, you will find several shops having a wide variety of things to sell. You can buy everything from them ranging from wonderful local handmade cloaks and ornaments to imported shoes, toys, and decoration pieces. Dozens of restaurants serve delicious food and chai to tourists for refreshment. Whenever one plans a visit to Murree, he must have a long walk on this route.

Pindi Point

Pindi Point is another hilltop present here that is around a 10-minute driveway from Mall Road. It is somehow a steep climb, but once you reach the top of the hill, you can kick behind and enjoy the scenes of rich green hills all across the valley. Moreover, for the extraordinary ride back downhill, you can get entertained from the 1.5Km chairlift to Bansara Gali.

Kashmir Point

By far the most desirable view in Murree can be ascertained at Kashmir Point. If you are traveling there from Mall Road it is recommendable to go on foot. It will just take around 20 minutes. Stop by this magnificent Point to enjoy the magnificent views of the snow-capped tops of Kashmir. On a clear bright day, you can even have a view of K2! Moreover, there is a pleasant amusement playground for children here too and a train driver that leads you through the wonderful forests and all around the Governor’s House.

Patriata (New Murree)

Patriata, also known as New Murree, is quite some length away from the foremost Murree. It can consume up to almost an hour if you travel by car towards Lower Topa. A little distance ahead is 

7KM chairlift, cooler air, cable car ride, and peaceful forests make the visit to Murree worth it! You will also see several monkeys here and possibly even a mountain leopard. 


If you want to move away from the frequent hustle and bustle of Murree’s main boulevards, then be sure to visit out Bhurban. It is approximately 15KM along with one of the principal roads heading towards Azad Kashmir. There are several luxurious resorts present here like the very famous Pearl Continental. Moreover, quiet hiking paths with plenty of flora and fauna are also seen. This place would also be the best place if you visit to murree top places

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