Visit Babusar Top Pakistan

Pakistan is miraculously blessed with astonishing beauty either in the terms of:

  • All seasons
  • Agriculture
  • Rivers system
  • Scenic beauty views
  • Mountains or glaciers and many more.

The North of Pakistani is particularly mentionable in this perspective. Allah Paak has showered His extraordinary blessings on Pakistan Alhamdulillah. Among some of the remarkable traveling destinations located in Pakistan is Babusar Top also known as Babusar Pass. This article will describe its features and attract you to Visit Babusar Top Pakistan at least once in your life.

Babusar Top Pakistan

Babusar Pass is a famous destination situated at an altitude of almost 4173 meters. Recently it has become a prominent tourist locality over the times with numerous nearby attractions. The Babusar Pass is also the most heightened point throughout the Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. It can be easily reached through cars. Moreover, it is an alternative pathway that is used to visit Thak Nala in Chilas. Then from there onwards, you can visit as far as the popular Khunjerab Pass (famous Pakistan-China border), moving across the Karakoram Highway. 

Interesting Features That Attract You to Visit Babusar Top Pakistan

  • Babusar Pass is present at an approximate distance of approximately 80 km from Naran. 
  • It is on the route to the path that makes the Kaghan valley’s landscape most spectacular. 
  • Further, Battakundi is situated at a distance of approximately 16 km from Naran. 
  • That further grants entrance to lake Dodiputsar, Lalazar Plateau, as well as lake Lulusar (which is the most significant natural lake in Hazara). 
  • It is also the core root of the Kunhar River. 
  • Visit Babusar Top Pakistan easily as its road is broad and useable for all sorts of vehicles. 
  • Moreover, this scenic area is a well-known tourist spot over the ages with several temptations nearby.

Surrounding areas of Babusar Top Pakistan 

  • On the top of the famous Babusar Pass, there is a bridge-like minaret made of stones. That is the representation of the highest spot in the area. 
  • On the right-hand side, there are several astonishing snow-covered mountain peaks of Kashmir
  • The northeast direction gives an enchanting view of the popular Nanga Parbat. 
  • Only four-wheeled vehicles can move forward from Jalkhud. That is why it takes roughly four hours to travel from Naran and reach Babusar Pass. 

Views You See When You Visit Babusar Top Pakistan 

  • On reaching the top of Babusar Pass, the turns are steeper and sharper. However, the scenes from the top are breathtaking absolutely. 
  • The sky clouds that earlier appeared above the mountains, now look surrounding you. 
  • On Looking down from the upper-most point, you can have a spectacular view of the magnificent road curving and get twisted through the valley’s mountains. 
  • Moreover, a chilly breeze blows here all the time
  • While there is some sunshine on fascinating sections of the hills
  • The remaining grassy meadows oftentimes get covered by the shadows projected by clouds. 
  • Apart from that, sightseeing including the enjoyment of the changing weather is also astonishing.
  • There are also some refreshment stalls where anyone can get snacks and other eatables for the journey ahead.

Although there are beautiful sceneries here. Yet, there is not much to do at Babusar Top. Enjoy here with your friends and family. 

The Biodiversity at Babusar Top Pakistan 

  • The Babusar Top grants great versatile biodiversity with numerous birds, animals, and plant species. 
  • The forests here include numerous pines, oak, and hardwoods. Animals present here include Snowcocks, hawks, snow pigeons, and owls. 
  • Moreover, small marmots, as well as sheep, are also witnessed here in mammals.
  • The wild goats and sheep are remarkably seen in this area. 
  • The plantation is not so common there due to excessive height. But some species of wild grasses and bushes are particularly seen here somewhere in the stones.

No Fancy Restaurants!

Whenever you will visit Babusar Top Pakistan you may face some eating issues, as there are no superior restaurants found here. The reason behind it may be at such an elevated top it is very difficult to build restaurants as well as there is no abundant food. Thus, due to the unavailability of essential facilities, one should carry eatables and certain things with them. However, you may get to some chai places and snacks dhabas having some refreshment items. So, treat your stomach with some wondrous snacks and chai and enjoy.

Different Weather Conditions to Visit Babusar Top Pakistan Enjoyably.

  • From the midst of July month up to the September end, the road ahead Naran is welcoming right up to Babusar Top, Pakistan.
  • However, traveling to it is limited during the winter and monsoon seasons, but it can get clogged anytime when the passage is not cleared of heavy snow. 
  • The Kaghan Valley is said to at its pleasantest during summer times especially from the month of May to September. 
  • Moreover, in May the maximum temperature recorded is 11 C (52 F) while the minimum reported temperature is 3 C (37 F). 

Thus, before you visit Babusar Top Pakistan, check weather predictions before leaving home. And remember, that it becomes colder and often more likely to storms and rains at higher altitudes.

When should you visit Babusar Top Pakistan?

Babusar Pass is only open in the summer season since in the winter season the path beyond Naran (that is approximately 2409 meters) becomes covered with heavy snow. Thus, the most desirable time to visit Babusar Top Pakistan is when all its scenic points are full of greenery. Moreover, even in the summer season, you may be fortunate enough to have a sight of the snowfall. 

Thus, if you are intending a trip then it is profoundly advisable to spend a vacation at Babusar Top from July to September as at that time it gets slippery in a monsoon to ride and travel.

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