Chak shikarpur sindh Pakistan

Chak shikarpur sindh Pakistan

Chak shikarpur sindh Pakistan district, Sindh, Pakistan lies a  town named Chak.  it is a beautiful town that is filled with so many wonderful things. People come to visit this beautiful place from all over the world. 

It is an economic and social hub of nearby regions. There are many adjoining areas near this beautiful town but none are as advanced as Chak. 

Here the literacy rate is amazing. You will see more educated people when you will start knowing the people of Chak shikharpur. People gather here from all circles for different activities. In a sense, Chak is also a social hub of adjoining areas.

Though this beautiful town is home to only 40,000 people still it is much better than all the adjoining areas. This town is growing at a fast pace and the literacy rate here is amazing and progressive.

The government here is making sure that the infrastructure is improved and that more and more reforms are introduced. Politically, Chak shikharpur plays an important role in the Shikarpur district.  Back in the 1970 Chak was part of Sukkar district but later it became part of the shikharpur district. This amazing town still has close economic and social ties with Sukkar because of the common trade routes.

This town is most famous for pottery. If you want the world famous pottery then you need to head to this town. The pottery here is made of cheeky Mitti. 

Talking about the climate of this beautiful town, the climate here is little eerie. Summer here starts in March and ends in October. The summers are usually hot and winters Chilly. 

There is no such thing as a moderator temperature in Chak. As far as the economy of this town is concerned then agriculture and retail shops are the basic model of the economy for this town. There are also some private organizations which offer jobs to the jobless. The whole sale market is also a point of attraction.

The famous bazaars of Chak are Bazar e Raza. This is where most of the business is commenced.

Overall it is a beautiful town people.  People here are warm and friendly and they welcome new visitors. Here women enjoy a certain amount of freedom.

There are schools and colleges for both boys and girls. To see one of the beautiful towns of Pakistan head to Chak

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