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Ticktock Star Areeka Haq Age



Evry One want to know Ticktock Star Areeka Haq Age many Of blog showing different age but now awami point see you here exactly age Areeka Haq .

Areeka Haq age Orignal age
Areeka Haq showing her age 18 but its fake age og Areeka haq Orignal and real Age of Areeka Haq is 25.
So here we inform you Areeka Haq Age is above 18 and bellow 19 in 2021
For More Need Find and Biography areeka haq

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Hareem shah slapped mufti Qawi latest scandal



Hareem shah slapped mufti Qawi latest scandal

Hareem shah slapped mufti Qawi latest scandal

Whenever the names of Hareem Shah and Mufti Qawi are mentioned, how can there be no scandal in it.

Hareem Shah recently shared a video on her Instagram account in which she is slapping mufti Qawi. This video caused a stir on social media. Hareem Shah said I will tell you soon why Hareem Shah slapped mufti Qawi . Wait for my next video by Hareem Shah

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Gul Panra Biography -husband name-songs- Contact



Gul Panra Real Name Husband bio

Gul Panra Biography

Gul Panra Biography

Gul Panra Real Name

If you look at Gul Panra Biography Gul Panra Real name Mehnaz Gul Parna tried hard to hide her name but in an interview, she told her name while telling the story of her old school after which he realized it but the camera had recorded it all.

Gul Panra Age

It’s hard to explain for every girl how old she is just like that it is also difficult to estimate the Actual age of Gul Panra. As all we know socially she said she is only 29 years old but what is the reality we have no idea. But she looks 33 years old.

Gul Panra Biography Date of Birth

Every celebrity tries to hide his or her date of birth because they want to show up as young and teen as possible especially female actress or singer hide their age and date of birth. Gul Panra’s show her birth date on Wikipedia is September 6 1989, in Peshawar.

Gul Panra Biography family
Gul Panra has six sisters with a single brother and she is the elder among all her siblings. Gul Panra kept her privacy about her father and mother’s name. This is the only reason there is no sign on the whole internet about her parents.
Gul Panra husband: 

Everyone search on google to find Gul Panra’s Husband but its fact Gul Panra Married Status Is Single and in Many Interview when media talk about her marriage she always talks that she’s no interest in Marriage.
Gul Panra famous songs: She just has sung in the Pashto language at the beginning and had insight in numerous customary and neighbourhood Pashto tunes also.Gul Panra in Coke Studio: Gul Panra Also Perform Pakistan one of best band everyone knows Coke Studio Man Aamadeh Am with Atif Aslam in 2015.

About Gul Panra: Gul Panra is a very talented  Pakistani Pashto singer. Mehnaz is her real name and after becoming popular in Showbiz she became famous with the name Gul Panra. Gul Panra was born on September 6 1989, in Peshawar which is the capital city of KPK.
If we are talking about Pashto songs are named in Pakistan, then Gul Panra name will not be mentioned this cannot happen
because Panra songs are most popular in Pakistan and  it will remain for a while

Gul Panra Real Name Husband bio
Gul Panra Real Name

Proving herself to be a singer living in Peshawar was no less of a challenge but Gul Panra did not give up and one day became the most famous singer in Pakistan.

Singing Career : 

Gul Panra started her singing career in 2009 and become one of the best female Pashto singers. Still, her fan following in all over Pakistan is growing up. Not only in Pakistan but Gul Panra also performed her live concert in Afghanistan and the United Kingdom that’s why her fan is also present in Afghanistan and United Kingdom. 

Gul Panra Biography is not complete without Mashallah Mashallah is one the famous songs of Gul Panra which is released in 2013. Sta Da Ishq Baranoona is also the famous song of Gul Panra and this was also released in 2013. 

Top Songs of Gul Panra

Mazigar. Mazigar.
Ufff Allah Tappy. Ufff Allah Tappy.
Da Wisal Tabiba Rasha. Malang De Yam Da Meeni Vol. …
Pakhtoon Di. Pakhtoon Di.
Dilbar Jaani. Dilbar Jaani.
Da Mosam Song 6 Mazigar Season 1. Da Mosam (Song 6) (Mazigar Season 1)
Wachawa Lasoona. Wachawa Lasoona

Facts About Gul Panra Biography:

Gul Panra Biography Singing Classes 

As all, we know that Gul Panra has a very melody voice but did you ever think about where she got her singing classes? Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. And today I will tell you that the answer to this question is No.

Gul Panra had never attended any singing classes in her whole life.

Gul Panra Biography Self Singing

Gul Panra used to sing in her school time with friends and on school or college tours. This is the real thing which makes her unique that she had never joined any singing classes and becoming a popular singer this thing is really very appreciable.

Gul Panra Biography Family Support

Where there is a will there is a wayThis is a very common idiom that’s why Gul Panra had also faced difficulties at the beginning of her career. She faced many challenges. 

Gul Panra belonged to a religious family. She also belongs to Pathan’s family and Pathan’s are very strict if their women want to expose them they never compromise in the matter of hijab. Her mother was a religious woman she said they would never support Gul Panra in her singing and forbade her to sing more songs but Gul Panra’s father supported her and with the support of the father, now she is one of the best singers of Pakistan. It was very hard for Gul Panra to convince her family but at last, she convinced them to let her sing.

Gul Panra Biography Fan following

Every star needs to know how much fans like and follow them. Because their fan following makes them popular among all the stars. In Gul Panra Biography has millions of fans who follow her on social media networks. We will talk about how much fans follow Gul Panra on her social networks.

First of all, we will talk about Facebook which was the first social network and Gul Panra has 8.7 Million followers from all over the world on her Facebook page. 

She has 2.4 Million followers and 12.5 Million likes on her Tiktok.
So far she has become a very successful singer and got good fame but still, she could get only 427K followers on her Instagram

Gul Panra Biography Strange Fact of Social media

Many celebrities follow other celebrities or colleagues on their social media but here is a strange fact about Gul Panra that she does not follow any Personalities on her social media accounts. You could check her Tiktok and Snapchat accounts that millions of people follow her but she does not follow anyone. This behaviour shows that Gul Panra wants to make her own style and don’t want to adapt others styles and trend.

How Gul Panra Entered in Singing and Showbiz

Once Gul Panra went to a friend’s wedding and a music composer heard her voice and asked her to sing in his studio. When Gul Panra was singing there for the first time, she was feeling quite hesitant. So the director told her that she can’t sing. But since Gul Panra was a challenging girl, she said that I will sing and show it. Thus Gul Panra became her first song which became very popular and this time she got a lot of offers after this song. This is how Gul Panra entered Showbiz and professional singing.

Gul Panra Contact 

If you would like to contact Gul Panra and want to invite her to your events or functions, you can contact him by clicking on the link provided by us. Contact Gul Panra

Gul Panra Physical State

Gul Panra Real Name Gul Panra Real name is Mehnaz
Gul Panra Height Gul Panra height is 5 feet and 4 inches
Gul Panra Age Gul Panra Age is around 32 (in 2021)
Gul Panra Weight Gul Panra weight is (approx) 55Kg and 121 lbs (Pounds)
Gul Panra Hair Colour Gul Panra natural hair colour is Black
Gul Panra Eyes Colour Gul Panra natural hair colour is Dark Brown

Gul Panra Biography Net Worth

In Gul Panra Biography, the estimated Net Worth of Gul Panra is about 80 Million in the year 2021.

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Yumna Zaidi biography-husband-age-pic-family



Yumna Zaidi biography

Yumna Zaidi biography

Yumna Zaidi Age And Birthday Date
Yumna Zaidi age is 31 Year was Born 30 July 1989 In Karachi.
Yumna Zaidi is a Pakistani television actress start her career 2012 Thakan role as Mehak Ary Digital . She is recognized for her roles in the serials Khushi Ek Roag, Meri Dulari, Dil Muhallay Ki Haveli, Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se, Mausam, Guzaarish in 2015 and 2016 Zara Yaad Kar.


Yumna Zaidi TV Drama Serial List 

Yumna Zaidi Perform Year Drama Name Yumna Zaidi As a Role Yumna Zaidi Cast Tv Network
2012 Yumna Start Career Thakan Yumna Peroform As Role Mehak Ary Digital
Yumna Zaidi 2nd Serial Khushi Ek Roag Yumna Zaidi Role Aabroo Ary Digital
Yumna Zaidi 3rd Teri Raah Main Rul Gai Yumna Zaidi Role Maryam Urdu1
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