Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 14

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 

Mera Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 weeks have now handed and we’re keen to know what becomes of Danish, now that Mehwish has left him and is stressful to see Rumi over the weekends. The maximum interesting part of Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 was Shehwar’s verbal exchange with Mehwish and Mehwish never understanding what she has put herself into. Shahwar enjoys Mehwish’s attention and her physical attributes. He indulges her but his commercial business and his wishes are his priorities.

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Ayeza Khan’s body language and expressions for the duration of included her confidence as well as her insecurities perfectly properly on the screen. There had been moments while she was critically disturbed when things were no longer in her control. Spending 3 months with a man who’s used to having his very own manner has molded Mehwish’s personality.

Shahwar prefers Mehwish to himself only!

This week we noticed Mehwish asking Shahwar for his permission to satisfy Rumi. He allowed but didn’t need Rumi at his home. He wouldn’t want to see Mehwish develop into a mum. We’ve visible Rumi keeping off his mother at all expenses in school. And Shahwar threatening Danish with a court case within the future. Mehwish also got a concept that Shahwar’s commercial business meant more to him than something else.


On the alternative hand, Danish is now gaining increasingly more courage attempting to installation his commercial business. Humayun Saeed appeared like a person who became going through hell and his acting turned into right on point, like always.

At the same time, the adjustments in Danish’s character have been subtly seen too. The scene protecting the stock trade rates turned into interesting and it made me marvel if Danish will take advantage of this opportunity. The preview of the next episode suggested that Danish is probably in a bargaining function after all


Hania was given to know plenty approximately Danish by reading her father’s diary and also because of the smartphone calls. Mehwish’s danger of telephonic communique with Hania becomes the perfect way to introduce those characters to each other. This communique confirmed how near Hania changed into Rumi and after reading her father’s diary she changed into keener than ever to help Rumi regulate in school. The chai comment becomes an emotional addition to this scene. Hania’s tonight became much extra likable.

Final Remarks on Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 14

Tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho changed into virtually attractive and well-put-together. The preview of the next episode indicates that Rumi will push his father to be strong – looking forward to that!