We have gone down Meray pass tum ho episode 9 and possibly we haven’t visible one single moment wherein Danish turned into happy. Ever given that the start of the drama, we have visible negative Danish struggling to make his spouse happy, who with the aid of the way, can only be charmed with money. Mehwish is not the most effective vain, but she is likewise materialistic and willing to visit any duration to get as many luxuries as she wants; case in point, the lodge room scene in Islamabad, wherein she shares a connecting room with Shahwar and is scene carrying nightwear.

Rumi’s First Day of School

While Rumi and his father were getting ready for school, Mehwish had her plans. She has usual that her job certainly is to delight Shahwar. Mehwish thinks she will be able to supply her son a better existence if she earns extra money but Rumi becomes the only one who suffered the maximum on this episode. Danish isn’t always the one at fault here but his attitude indicates that occasionally no longer taking a stand too can hurt your children in more cases than others.

Danish’s Mental Turmoil

For the first time in Meray pass tum ho episode 9, he placed his foot down and informed her no longer to visit the office. Danish’s bitterness and his anger showed in his attitude however he turned into without a doubt ‘scared’ of saying greater. Finally, there is someone with whom Danish can speak up to its heart and Mateen Sahib looks like a genuinely excellent man or woman who has learned from his mistakes.

Mehwish’s Stubbornness 

The manner Mehwish went ahead along with her plan and the manner wherein she became snoozing peacefully inside the resort room went to reveal that she was extra than willing to play the position Shahwar wanted her to play. She has convinced herself that she is not doing anything wrong and when Danish became there at the airport, she changed into so confident. Even then after attaining home, she acted as if not anything happened.

Final Remarks on Meray pass tum ho episode 9

This changed into in reality a have to watch the episode which without a doubt had the twist everybody changed into waiting to see. One of the most cherished scenes which tugged at our heart was when Danish sees Mehwish on the airport with Shahwar, it deeply harmed him when he takes her home on his bike. Some may additionally call him a fool however we discovered it to be mature as deep down he hopes that she realizes that proper love is some distance more crucial than basking within the glory of money