Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 Story Review

Mere Pass Tum Ho is becoming intense day after day. In Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 We were already acquainted with Shahwar’s intentions for Mehwish. He has his eye set upon her. Danish smells a rat and discussed the problem with Mehwish. However, she is not believing him instead she is offending as to why he is usually suspicious.

Enjoy a perfect lifestyle

Shahwar knows that Mehwish wanted to enjoy a perfect way of life where she can stay like a queen. This week’s episode marks loads of twists and turns inside the existence of Danish. He went to return all the presents given by Shahwar. However, he returned impressed by him as he tackled him in so satisfactory a manner. It appeared that he may be very cunning. Shahwar has taken Danish’s trust and this is the reason that he allowed Mehwish to work with Shahwar saying that he was incorrect and Shahwar is a decent and exceptional man.

Giving in to The Temptation

After telling Danish to return the gifts, she referred to as Shahwar and later on, she pretended as though she was no longer at all about this assembly and its outcome. The truth that she changed into doing all this with Danish’s ‘permission’ now gave her even more confidence

 Things are getting sincerely interesting while Mehwish visited Shehwar’ s workplace for the primary time. She is all enthusiastic and for the audience’s surprise, she has nothing to do except to carry out the responsibility of a wife. Her job is being a Shehwar’ s secretary.

Danish restlessness in Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7

On the opposite hand, we have seen how Danish’s mind is not letting him sit down calmly. He is constantly thinking about his wife and it’s miles proved whilst he requested for a pill as he is having an extreme headache. Even the applied for half of the day depart and at the way, he got mishaps as well. 

Shahwar proportion his married lifestyles

Shahwar ’s confidence genuinely suggested that he become a grasp manipulator. Shehwar ’s grand residence and the overall surroundings went so nicely along with his personality. Then we see, how she came to Shahwar ’s workplace and stopped him from smoking. He shared along with her the details about his married lifestyles and the despair that he is going through. In one manner or the other, he is attempting to get all her sympathies. And perhaps he is successful in doing so. 

Next Episode Teaser

After following Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 The teaser of the following episode has revealed another combat among Mehwish and Danish resulting from Shahwar. And it regarded that the Mehwish and Danish have already parted their ways.