Anaya name meaning in Urdu English

Anaya (عنایا) name meaning in Urdu and Anaya name meaning in Islam
Anaya Name is Muslim Girl Name it has multiple meaning but best related name meaning in Urdu Is Gift and in Urdu Its mean تحفہ

عنایا نام
Anaya انگریزی نام
تحفہ مطلب -معنی
لڑکی جنس
اسلام مذہب
٧ لکی نمبر
نیلا موافق رنگ
موافق پتھر

                What is the meaning of Anaya In English
Anaya is Muslim name mostly popular in Muslim religion and word main origin is Arabic. Anaya name meanings is God answered, Caring, Guardian, Protector, Without a superior.
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Anaya name meaning in English and Anaya  name meaning in Islam

Name Anaya
Meaning Anaya Anya Meaning Is Best Gift Of God
Gender Female
Religious Islam/
Lucky Number 7
Matching color Blue
Suitable stone Robi Stone
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