Killer Web Designing Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Right now, the world is evolving at a rapid pace and all the credit goes to technology for that. Speaking of technology, it’s now no longer a hidden fact that the internet has taken over the world and if you look around yourself, you will see that almost all the businesses (whether big or small) and all the industries out there are getting digitized because people have now realized that the internet is the present and the future of the world. You might be offering the best services or you might be selling the best products in the market but not having an online presence will ultimately lead you to failure sooner or later. In a nutshell, if you really want to stand out and if you really want to be successful then you need to have a solid online presence in any case.  

 Now, a lot of you might think that your job is done when you build a website for your business but guess what? This isn’t the end, in fact, this is where the real job begins. You have a website under your brand? Well, that’s great but what about the design of your site? Is your web design good enough to attract customers? Is the design of your website good enough to impress Google to rank you high on the search engine? Is your web design mobile-friendly? These might be just some ordinary questions for you but honestly, these are the questions that will make or break your online presence.  

 The Importance Of Your Web Design  

 If you are new to the digital world, your brain might be popping up with several different questions at the moment and mainly, you’d be thinking that why exactly does the design matter so much? Well, today we will answer all your questions regarding web designing and we will even jot down some of the best and the most effective web designing tips that will make your life easier.  

 Attracting Your Customers  

There are millions of websites on the internet but not all of them have the visitors they want. Why? Because the designs of those website aren’t attractive enough for customers to visit. It’s simple math, you click on a website and the impression you get in the first 7 seconds is all that matters. If you find the web design to be dull and boring, it is but very obvious that you’ll quit it and look for another website. In short, if you want customers then you need to make some good effort on your web design.  


A responsive web design is one of the most overlooked factors by business owners. You have no idea about the amount of customers you are losing just your website isn’t loading fast and it isn’t responsive. In fact, we’d suggest you that instead of focusing on “web design” you should instead focus more on a “responsive web design” because that’s exactly what will bring you more customers.  

Mobile-Friendly Websites  

The design of your website must be mobile-friendly and those who use their cellphones a lot do understand what we are talking about here. You see, more than half of the world uses their phone to search for a specific thing or open up a website. Now, if in such a situation, your website isn’t mobile-friendly then it’s but very obvious that you aren’t able to reach the audience that prefers mobile websites than desktop websites. It’s not that your web design should be limited to the phone users only, in fact, your website should be for both, the desktop users and the phone users because this is the only way you will be able to interact with all of your audience.  

These are just a few reasons why the design of your website matters and honestly, there’s a lot more to this discussion but now we are going to skip to the part where we will jot down some amazing tips that will come in handy to you for your web design.  

Tips For Killer Web Designing  

Everyone wants a beautifully designed website and it seems quite easy but if you start designing a website, you’ll then know that this is a surprisingly difficult task. However, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered today and here are the tips you all have been waiting for.  

1-It’s All About The Text  

The first thing you need to do for web designing is to learn the fundamental rule of type designing because at the end of the day, a website is all about some text. For designing the website, you need to design the text first in a way that it looks attractive and it makes people interested in your content. Like, for the headlines, you need to use the text design that makes them all bold and scan-able.  

Tip: Go for San serif typefaces because they are quite large and they are stark too.  

Now, for the main body of your content, you should always go for the serif typeface.  

Tip: Keep the font 16 and make sure that each line consists of 60 characters. 

2-The Typeface Matters The Most  

When it comes to the typeface, you need to look for something more whimsy. All the good designers out there focus all and all on the typeface. Now, some opt for Helvetica which is great but then there are people who look for a font face that adds volume to the text and that makes the text look all bold, prominent and attractive. Remember that your text needs to be attractive but on top of everything, it should be easy to read. Now, if you want our suggestion here then honestly we’d go for Proxima Nova as it’s a better typeface and it definitely helps in adding sophistication to the content. So, again, yes you can opt for Helvetica but if you really want to do some killer designing for your website then try Proxima and we assure you that you will see the results on your own.  

3-Three Color Pallette And Why You Need To Stick To It Always  

When it comes to the color pallette, stay consistent! And for an attractive color pallette stick to three colors too. For example, you can opt for a little dark with added hue font text color, your last color can be black and your background can be white. Just come up with a color pallette combination that’s neither too dark nor too bright. Go with the flow and keep it all neutral so that it attracts the eye. 


4-The Size Of Your Photos Matter  

You might get the best and the most relevant photo for your site but if it doesn’t fit right or if it’s not clear then you’ll definitely lose in the “designing” department. Your image needs to be large and clear so that it doesn’t looks all pixelated. It’s simple to understand that a small photo that isn’t clear will make your website look like a mess even if you took the photo yourself. So, take the photo yourself or copy it from Google or ShutterStock but just make sure one thing that the photo fits the size of your website and it’s clear enough to add credibility to your site.  

5-Give your content some room to breathe  

Your website needs to have the text that’s easy on the eyes. Make sure that the text isn’t overlapping or suffocating the overall look of the site. Give your content proper margins, use focus and use space so that the text is easy to read and it doesn’t make your website look like a one suffocated place because if that will happen then you will unfortunately start losing visitors which is probably the last thing on Earth that you want to happen. Break your text by using headings and subheadings and make sure that there’s nothing like “too much” text on your website. Make it look all smooth and easy!  

6-Focus On Navigation  

A map makes it easier for people to know where they should head to and same is the case with a website. During designing your website, make sure that you are focusing on it’s navigation so that your users and visitors know where they should go once they open up your website. If you have a disorganized navigation interface then yes, you will definitely lose a lot of visitors without even knowing the problem. Because at the end of the day, people like to visit those websites where they can find what they are looking for, easily! So, give your visitors a reason to stay and work on the navigation department of your website while you are designing it.  


We’ve discussed this earlier and well, we are discussing it again because yes, “mobile optimization” is something that needs all of your focus during the “designing” phase of your website. You see right now more than 80% users are using mobile phones to access the internet and if your website isn’t for the “mobile” users then it is but very obvious that you are missing out on the majority of your audience that could be your customers. In short and in simpler words, make sure that your website is  mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly too. Your visitors are your golden ticket and you cannot just lose them at any cost. Also, the Google’s algorithm recently got changed and now, only those websites will be able to rank high on the search engine that are mobile-friendly. So, if you really want to come on top then don’t wait anymore and make your website accessible for the mobile users too.  

8-Broken Links And 404 Errors  

If your website is old and if you are updating it’s design then make sure to run through all of your web pages because you’ll definitely find a lot of broken links out there and even some 404 errors. On top of it, if your visitors are facing the broken links issue, they won’t even inform you. So, this is something you need to identify and fix yourself especially when you are designing your website.  

These are some of the best killer tips that we had for you today. Now, follow these tips and make sure that you are doing your best to design your website. Again, you might be offering the best services and products and you might even have a website for your business with a great domain name but if your website lacks a responsive design, if it’s not for the mobile users and if it’s not attractive enough then you can lose the game easily and your competitors will win which again is the last thing you want to see. Also, even before starting with the “designing” part, make a plan, build a strategy and then get started with the work. You need to jot down your priorities first and then follow then accordingly.  


If you make some research on the internet, you’ll probably read it everywhere that “the design can make or break your website” so you cannot take any risks in this matter. The internet out there is full of tips, tricks and even online courses on web designing so if you want to do it yourself then do your homework first, learn web designing and then get started. But if you are ready to invest a little in a web designer then we’d suggest you to go for this option and hire a professional designer who can take your website to the next level.