Bahria College Islamabad

Bahria College Islamabad

Bahria College Islamabad, also recognized as, BCI, is a college established in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Institute is officially affiliated with the renowned Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education abbreviated as FBISE, Pakistan. It is also associated with the famous University of Cambridge International Examinations abbreviated as CIE. The Bahria College grants education to students ranging from kindergarten to the highest levels like SSC, HSSC, O & A levels. 

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Wings of Bahria College Islamabad

Bahria College is a famous intermediate-level English medium college. It is a non-residential institution that gets run by and large on the public-school lineages with co-education up to the Primary level. It has the following Sections and Wings: 

  • Lower Primary Wing (Montessori – II)
  • Upper Primary Wing (Classes III – V)
  • Secondary and Higher Secondary Wing for Girls (Classes VI-XII)
  • Secondary and Higher Secondary Wing for Boys (Class VI-XII)
  • Cambridge Wing
  • Special Children College

The Cambridge and Primary wings of this college are co-educational wings. Whereas the Boys and Girls Sections are separated from each other for Boys and Girls Respectively. The Cambridge Wing, which is affiliated with the popular Cambridge University, offers two basic programs: O-level and A-level. On the other hand, the Special Education Wing is the section where special children get knowledge and do different physical activities according to modern techniques.

Facilities in Bahria College Islamabad

The college is well-known for its sports facilities as it has two big two playing grounds, and basketball courts inside the campus. It has also remarkable grounds like football and cricket grounds, Squash and Lawn tennis courts, as well as hockey grounds just outside the campus. It has additionally recently added a Gym with state-of-the-art amenities for its pupils. This college consists of a three-story building. 

Moreover, extracurricular activities get held throughout the academic year yearly.

  • Annual plays
  • English and Urdu
  • Festivals of historical events
  • Funfairs
  • science quiz
  • debates, etc. 


Bahria College Islamabad has three libraries. Out of those, the Central Library is shared by both the Boys’ and Girls’ Wing. Whereas, Cambridge, as well as the Primary Wing, have individual own libraries. Every student and staff member can use those libraries. 

Admission Policy of Bahria College Islamabad

  • Admission to kids of civilians gets offered on merit and also on the availability of seats.       
  • Admission to Naval kids learning in an outside college/school is not a subject of right.
  • Admission to kids of associate services is offered on merit as well as on the availability of seats.
  • Candidates who appear relatively over age by their physical condition or whose parents have been sentenced by a civil court will not be given admission under ordinary circumstances.
  • Admission to international students excluding Indian nationals is allowed.

The Principal of Bahria College Islamabad will exercise the sole authorization for the admissions following the organization’s rules.

Admission Requirements 

Admission in Montessori and other classes:

  • Birth certificate of the child admission to Montessori Beginner 
  • The last school leaving certificate of the student who is going to take admission in any other sections or class of the new school.
  • Two passport-sized blue colored photographs.
  • Result card of the previous institution issued by it, if any.

Admission to XI and A Levels

  • Two passport size blue-colored photographs.
  • Character or provisional certificate that had been issued by the preceding institution.
  • Detailed mark sheet of the previous result that gets issued by the board.
  • Migration certificate, in case that you have migrated from any other board.

Procedure (Class Mont. to XI)

  1. Admission in different sections of the college generally gets announced by the College Faculty through a press release. The admission test or the interview schedule for various classes gets held on the published date. Admissions are given on merit, subjected to vacancy. The below-given procedure is followed for the admittance of students to their respective classes:
  2. Admission is allotted to both boys as well as girls in the different classes ranging from Montessori to Class XI. These admissions are based on the results of the written test as well as on the initial admittance interview. Parents are asked to be present with their child throughout the interview.
  3. Application for admittance gets received on the appointed Registration Form that is attached with the prospectus obtainable from the Accounts Offices of the college on payment.
  4. Most of the vacancies and seats get filled in March yearly. However, a directed announcement is addressed for filling up random vacancies which are granted on a first come first serve base, given that the candidate gets qualified for the entry test.
  5. Preference is awarded to the learners of Bahria College Islamabad for admittance in class XI. Further vacancies, if any available get filled on merit strictly. However, any student must achieve a minimum of grade ‘B’ in their SSC exam to become acceptable for admission in class XI.

Courses offered in Bahria College Islamabad

Programs offered a curriculum that is followed in Bahria College is directed by the FBISE. The medium of education is English, but equivalent importance is provided to Urdu. The following mixture of subjects is offered to learners in Bahria College Islamabad


  • EPL
  • Sensorial
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Maths
  • General Knowledge
  • Islamiyat
  • Art & Craft
  • Music
  • Conversation

Classes: Prep, I, II

Core Subjects:               

English, Math’s, Urdu

Non-core Subjects:               

Islamiyat, Social Studies, G. Science, Art and Craft, Tajweed as well as Computer subjects.

Classes: III-V

Core Subjects:               

English, Maths, Urdu

Non-core Subjects:              

Islamiyat, Computer, G. Science, Social Studies, Art & Craft, Nazra, and Moalim ul Quran.

Classes: VI-VIII

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Maths
  • G. Science
  • Computer Studies
  • Islamiyat
  • Quranic Studies
  • Social Studies
  • G. Art

Classes: IX-X

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Maths/Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry/Computer
  • Islamiyat
  • Pakistan Studies.

Higher Secondary Classes

  1. Pre-Medical Group

All the Compulsory Subjects with Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

  1. Pre-Engineering Group

All the compulsory Subjects with Chemistry, Physics, and Maths.

  1. Science General Group

All the Compulsory Subjects with Computer Science, Physics, and Math.

Bahria College Islamabad provides you with the best ideal education for everyone in the educational environment where you kids can learn in a qualitative way.

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