Differences between Men and Women’s Hair Transplants

Men and women have different hair loss patterns, which is why their hair transplants are different. Women and men thinking about the process should be aware that it will consider their unique hair loss requirements.

What are the variations between hair loss in women and men?

Hair loss is frequently inherited genetically by both men and women. While having the same underlying cause, hair loss progresses in reality very differently.

Instead, then concentrating on the biological factors that contribute to hair loss, let’s examine the many hair loss patterns that impact both men and women. The front of the hairline is usually where men’s hair loss begins, at the top of the forehead. Regression of hair causes the hair to create a reverse U-shape or a W-shape as it goes back towards the center of the head.
Hair loss in women typically starts in the middle of the scalp and spreads outward in the shape of an I, eventually changing into an O.

Transplanted Hair for Men and Women

Men and women both endure hair loss, but in different ways, thus each of their unique hair transplant instances calls for a different strategy.

Male hair transplants: Even a man who is ready to have surgery should keep in mind that the hair transplant surgeon must first assess the severity of the hair loss and whether it has reached its final stage. A patient may have a restored hairline after having hair surgery too soon, before the hair loss has fully progressed, but he or she may eventually get a bald spot in the center of the scalp.

Female Hair Transplants: Females’ transplant procedures are special since they also have scalp thinning in other regions when they lose their hair. It is not possible to harvest hair follicles from the back of a woman’s head because of the likelihood of hair thinning in that area. Any hair that was transplanted from such a location would simply fall out.

Hair transplants for women often focus more on restoring hair volume than on framing their features because they typically retain their frontal hairlines but endure thinning hair loss in the center of their scalps. Your doctor will use the Follicular Unit Transfer procedure, same as she would if she were performing a female hair transplant.

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