Anaya name meaning in Urdu English

Anaya name meaning in Urdu English
zAnaya (عنایا) name meaning in Urdu and Anaya name meaning in Islam
Anaya Name is Muslim Girl Name it has multiple meaning but best related name meaning in Urdu Is Gift and in Urdu Its mean تحفہ

Anayaانگریزی نام
تحفہمطلب -معنی
٧لکی نمبر
نیلاموافق رنگ
 موافق پتھر


Anaya Name Quality and Nature 

Anaya Name as you now (Gift). 
Majority of Anaya Name girl is Polite , Kind Hearted and Loving 

What is the meaning of Anaya In English
Anaya is Muslim name mostly popular in Muslim religion and word main origin is Arabic. Anaya name meanings is God answered, Caring, Guardian, Protector, Without a superior.
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Anaya name meaning in English and Anaya  name meaning in Islam

Meaning  AnayaAnya  Meaning   Is  Best  Gift  Of  God
Lucky Number7
Matching colorBlue
Suitable stoneRobi Stone