Zong Daily Internet Packages Details

Zong Daily Internet Packages Details

Zong Company

Zong is one of the 5 main networks that are operating in Pakistan. All of the information used in Zong insurance is crowd-sourced from the neighborhood of its users. Zong is entirely independent and all of the offerings mirror the real-world kingdom of community coverage. Zong affords 2G, 3G and 4G community availability for its users by offering different Zong Daily Internet Packages. Zong gives and pace that is experienced on all of its networks regionally are outstanding. The consequences of funding are amazing, making Zong the no. 1 in a quick period.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong gives many daily calls, SMS and web applications with other incentives. Zong Full Gup Package and Zong Perfect Package are the most in many instances used to call programs on each day basis. Zong gives low-cost daily SMS programs like Zong Prepaid Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package and Zong Daily Zulu SMS Package which are affordable and extraordinarily beneficial When it comes to the internet, Zong presents the fine internet speed. Zong Daily Basic and Premium Basic are the most used web packages.

Different Types of Zong Daily Internet Packages

In daily net packages, Zong gives three kinds of buckets and different packages. These applications range in the data restrict and the long hours. These are for the customers who are now not the customary consumer of the web and prefer to download something immediately. Check the bundles and revel in a straightforward web browsing except being involved about low balance. the facts programs are very less expensive even for people from all walks of life. 

  • Basic 4G Zong Daily Internet Packages

 Daily Zong internet packages will have activated for 24 hours and robotically expired after completion of noted time. Dial *6464# to see the daily packages menu on the mobile screen. This 4G net package deal will be activated in simply 15Rs and includes 100MB internet. Browse all day, and never tired off.

  • Zong 3G Classified Internet Package

 Activate Zong labeled web package deal in just 5Rs and get 50MB internet non-stop for a day. Dial *6464# to avail 50MB Zong net package deal for 24 hours. The tax will be inclusive in this offer. Prepaid Zong clients can subscribe to Zong Classified internet packages.

  • Zong Daily Social Pack

 Enjoy non-stop WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter from day to night in just 10Rs inclusive taxes through Zong Daily Internet Packages for social media. Activate this offer by way of dialing *6464# on your handset. The 100MB social pack is adequate to use the social money owed the entire day. Continue chatting, video calling and looking at video from 7 a.m to 7 p.m non-stop.

  •  Zong Daily Max Internet Package

 500MB in just 35Rs is certainly Max’s net bundle offered by way of the Zong network is exclusively designed to supply you with unlimited searching time. 500MB net incorporates more for the customers. Dial *6464# to get the Zong 4G Max internet bundle for 24 hours perpetually.

  • All-in-one Zong Daily Internet Packages

 Zong all-in-one portal includes extra than one offering to spend inside 24 hours. With Zong All-in-one daily bundle you will get 40 on-net Mins, 4 off-net Mins and 400SMS and 40MBs internet. A bucket is full of ease worth solely 20Rs. Get this All-in-one daily bundle offer through dialing *6464#. Zong’s net package of daily validity offer is designed for the people who need to remain energetic all the time. Just subscribe to any of the Daily Zong 3G Internet Package and begin browsing or scrolling on social media. In Zong day by day offer you can experience free WhatsApp for 24 hours; subsequent day again subscribes with the aid of dialing *247#.