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Sad Poetry In Urdu Lines

Sad Poetry in Urdu is that form of art that appeals straight to the heart. No matter what language it is written in poetry, it holds the power that can even move mountains.Talking about language, Urdu language is the language of the subcontinent that is rich because of its cultural significance.  Also, it is an amalgamation of various significant languages including Arabic, Hindi, and Farsi which adds more to its enchanting ability to take the person to a whole new world.  Sad Poetry In Urdu is known all over the world due to the way it puts you in touch with your emotions especially the sad Urdu poetry

It’s about the withering of emotions in a cold autumn night,  it’s about love that is destined to be doomed, it’s about the lashes that this world hits you with every day. In short,  the words of sad poetry in urdu sms may look like a calm sea to the naked eye but the person going through these sufferings or the person who can relate to the agony can see the currents underneath these words. Urdu sad poetry aces every other form of poetry in this regard.  Most of the Urdu poetry can be referred to as sad Urdu poetry because it is usually about the separation between the Mehboob and the Ashiq. It’s as if the world is conspiring against the lover and forbidding him to meet the love of his life.  Separation is the ultimate reality of the world and after reading sad Urdu poetry, one gets a chance to grasp this idea in a much more affirming manner. He realizes that everything is destined to end whether it’s one’s life or a relationship. The sun is destined to set and the flowers are destined to wither.
sad poetry in urdu

Power of catharsis 

Sad poetry in urdu holds a certain power of catharsis in its essence. This world is full of miseries and darkness and not everybody has the ability to counter these miserable and sad feelings. Sad Urdu poetry helps a person to work out these feelings and provides him with catharsis.  When one reads the parting of ways between the two lovers, he realizes that he is not the only one who is suffering. There are other people in the world who are going through the same heartbreak. This makes him feel a little less lonely. Also, it is said that in order to get rid of heartbreak, one must grieve. This is where Sad Urdu poetry comes to the rescue. If you are unable to let out your emotions, then sad poetry in urdu helps you with it. The verses written in Urdu are so full of passion and emotions, that one cannot stop himself from feeling them from the core of his heart. Poets like Mir Taqi Mir, Ghalib, John Elia,  Nasir Kazmi, Mohsin Naqvi, and many others have devoted there lives to Urdu poetry and in their poetry, one can certainly realize the sincerity and depth of feelings and sorrows. It is because of these people that the sad Urdu poetry has been able to help and heal millions of people out there.  

More true to the heart 

Love is a complicated emotion that not everybody can describe and partition in love is way more hurtful than anything else in the world.  Suffering and angst make a person vulnerable and sensitive. Most of the Urdu poets who are known for their sad poetry in urdu went through a lot of troubles and pain in their lives. In order to give a medium to their pain,  they put their sufferings into words and today the whole world is in awe of these poets.  

What they have written,  is more real than any other reality of the world, and this is the quality that gives sad poetry in Urdu a top notch position among other forms of poetry. It is true to its nature and that’s why people who read sad Urdu poetry always end up appreciating it. Ghazals written by remarkable Urdu poets are not just words but a sea of emotions, feelings, pain, and sorrows.  When one reads them, he interprets them according to his own depth of emotions which gives sad Urdu poetry a universal attribute. It appeals to everyone no matter what the depth of his pain is. Pain demands to be felt in order to free the person from the strangles of heartbreak and sad Urdu poetry makes sure of it. 

Some Examples Sad Poetry In Urdu

As mentioned earlier, a lot of legendary Urdu poets have aced in this field of poetry.  Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the remarkable Urdu poet has written a number of sad Urdu ghazals that are still known among people. 

Shaam-e Firaq Ab Na Poch Ayi Aur Aa Ke Tal Gai,
Dil Tha Ke Phir Behal Gya Jan Thi Ke Phir Sambhal Gai…

Jaun Elia, another famous Urdu poet contributed a lot in this regard.  His poetry seems simple but in reality, it is filled with so many powerful and raging emotions.

Kal Par Hi Rakho Wafa Ki Batain

Main Aaj Bohat Bhuja Hoa Hon

Sad Urdu poetry is not always about separation or partition in love.  Sometimes, it is about worldly affairs too. A world full of this many complications is not at all easy to deal with. As Faiz says 

duniyā ne terī yaad se begāna kar diyā 

tujh se bhī dil-fareb haiñ ġham rozgār ke

Everybody is struggling day and night to survive in this world.  Our ordinary lives are full of every day worries. Sad Urdu poetry contains the essence of all these miseries and that’s why it acts as an excellent tool for catharsis.  No matter what the state of your pain is, you will find a lot of things to relate to once you read sad Urdu poetry.

zindagī kyā kisī muflis kī qabā hai jis meñ 

har ghaḌī dard ke paivand lage jaate haiñ

In short,  Sad poetry in Urdu has room for almost every kind of pain and distress.  No matter what you are going through, once you read it, you will be able to channel that pain and this will help you in getting your catharsis.