Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu

Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu

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Baby Names

Names are nothing less than any gem on someone’s character and personality. A particular and appealing name can beautify a persona within the loveliest way. Without any doubt, names play an important role in anyone’s existence. The one massive thing, a name is connected to someone in this life and hereafter. A name has super influence on the extraordinary aspect of individual’s lifestyles so that you should continue to be very careful at choosing Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu for your child.

Muslim boys – A Blessing from Allah Almighty

The birth of the infant and in particular a child boy in Muslim families seemed like the authentic blessing. The name has an amazing tendency to affect the existence of any character. It is a first-rate reason that you have to be a whole lot careful while assigning a name to your infant. However, alongside the name, the lucky quantity, origin, that means additionally play a key role. The arrival of a baby in a family is considered as a true signal of love, blessing, and harmony. After the birth of an angel baby, the first and foremost responsibility is to select an excellent Muslim boy name that has appropriate that means as per the child’s personality. 

Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu

Baby boys

Baby boys are fathers, sons, brothers and husbands of a circle of relatives once they grow up their whole family resides underneath their name as they stand as a husband and a father. Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu can have a huge effect in being an accountable and captivating adult within the destiny. 

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Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu throughout the world

Muslims are significant in the whole world with an approximate population of 1.8 billion. Popular Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu vary around the globe because of exclusive traditions and values. All around the world, there are many countries such as Pakistan, India, Iran, the Middle East, a few sides of Europe and Africa too which include major Islamic populations. From Canada to Singapore, Russia to South Africa, and from Pakistan to Azerbaijan, there are major groups of people who’ve religion in One God which is Allah (S.W.T). Islamic boys’ name with which means is broadly searched by Muslim parents dwelling in Pakistan, India, and other Middle Eastern countries.

Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu in various languages

Since names differ according to areas, there are too many names with comparable meanings in diverse languages. Talking about the languages, popular boys’ names comes from special areas and languages together with Arabs, Turkey, Iran, and so on. Popular Muslim Boys Names have unique origins like, English, Persian, Urdu, Turkish, French and lots of greater languages.

Islamic names

Being born in a Muslim own family is, in reality, a blessing and the new child is added to the family by giving ‘Azaan’ in his/ her ear and by pronouncing suitable Islamic names with applicable that means. Islamic name method any name which has appropriate meanings or is well-meant. Muslims like to follow Prophets, Prophet’s wives, Sufi or Walli’s name to gift names to their infants in the order they develop up, the influence of name show in form of similarities among their child and the notable character whose name they have taken from. That’s why Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu are very crucial to select.

 Features that Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu tell

 Along with the names, the that meaning of names additionally topics an extraordinary deal in Islam. It is stated that the meanings of names restore a very critical importance, especially in Islam as the meaning influences the overall character, life-style as well as the destiny of a person to a few extents. Sometimes even a small alternate in pronunciation can alter the overall meaning of the name. So, it is vital to pick out the Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu that is the exceptional which means and fits the character of our infant such that, the impact the name will offer while this individual is a child, a youth, an adult, an old person or maybe a father.

Arabic origin 

It is advisable to provide Muslim child boy names of Arabic origin. Modern Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu need to have desirable meanings. The Prophet (PBUH) always selected names with appropriate and exquisite meanings, even telling people to exchange their names if they had unpleasant meanings. Give your baby boy the fine viable name with a lovely meaning.

Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu list

For this purpose, we’ve collected all the statistics and have tried to align all the Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu consistent with the alphabetical order with the meanings of the names and the spellings of the names in Urdu in parallel with spellings of the names in English so that all the related queries of the searcher can be answered while not having to browse for an extended time and having to waste a whole lot of energy doing it. This compilation would simply help and advantage the readers inside the excellent feasible ways.

Muslim boys’ names with meaning in Urdu
Aabid – Worshiper
Aadil – Just, upright
Aalam (or Alam) – The world
Aamir – Civilized
Aayan – God’s gift
Abdul Lateef – Servant of the kind
Adam – The first human
Ahmad – Most highly adored
Aiman – Fearless
Ali – Noble, sublime, fourth caliph of Islam
Amin – Faithful
Aqeel – Wise, Intelligent
Arslan – Lion
Asher – Wise, knowledgeable
Aydin – Brilliant
Basaam – Smiling
Behr – Sea, wave
Bilal – The prophet’s muezzin
Cal – Courageous
Cale – To be faithful
Cheherazad – Of noble countenance
Daanish – Wisdom, learning, science
Daniyal – Intelligent
Dawid – Prince
Deen – Religion
Ehsan – Powerful
Eijaz – Miracle
Emran – Progress, achievement
Fahad – Panther, leopard
Faisal – Judge
Faris – Perceptiveness
Furozh – Light
Fawad – Heart
Ghazzal – Name of a reciter of Quran
Gulshan – A flower garden
Haamid – Praising
Hamza – Strong, steadfast
Haris – Guardian, watchman
Hasan – To be beautiful
Haseeb – Noble
Ibraheem (also: Abraham) – A prophet’s name
Idrees (also: Idris) – A prophet’s name
Iesa (also: Jesus) – A prophet’s name
Izzat – High rank, honor
Jamaal – Beauty
Javier – Month of January
Juma’ – Friday
Junaid – Soldier, warrior
Kamal – Perfection
Kamran – Successful, blessed
Kareem – Generous
Khalid – Eternal
Kinza – Hidden treasure
Latif – Fine, Gentle, refined
Lu’ay – Shield
Maaz – Brave man
Mahad – Great, nice
Malik – Master
Masoud – Happy, lucky
Mika – Cool, sweet, intelligent
Muhammad – The most praised one
Mustafa – Chosen
Nabeel – Noble, distinguished
Nadeem – Companion, friend
Naveed – Glad tidings
Nooh (also: Noah) – A prophet’s name
Noori – Shining
Omar – Life
Parvez – Success
Qadi – Judge
Qays – Firm
Rami – Archer
Rayan – Splendor
Reza – Wish
Rohaan – Spiritual, kind-hearted
Salmaan – Safe
Sami – Elevated, sublime, supreme
Samir – Entertaining companion
Shahid – Witness
Shahzad – Prince
Shayan – Worthy, deserving
Shahryar – Sovereign
Syed – Always in control
Talal – Nice, admirable
Tariq – Name of a star
Tobias – Born with a star
Urooj – Ascension
Usman – Name of the third caliph
Vakar – Respect
Waqas – Warrior
Wasay – Unlimited
Wasim – Good-looking
Xander – Splendid
Xavier – Bright
Yasir – Wealthy
Yusr – Ease, convenience
Yusuf (also: Joseph) – A prophet’s name
Zahid – Devoted to God
Zain – Handsome, beautiful
Zakariya (also: Zechariah) – A prophet’s name
Zeeshan – Dignified, respected
Zia – Wise