LAT Law Entry Test Solved Past Paper 2020

What is the LAT Law entry test?

LAT stands for Law Admission Test; a test for the people who choose to emerge as Law graduates and pursuing a profession in the field of Law. It is simply like a GRE or GAT examination conducted for admissions in a Graduate / Master’s Degree in the universities of Pakistan. It has been prescribed by the HEC (Higher Education Commission) on the administrations of the August Supreme court of Pakistan. It may additionally be termed as the HEC LAT Law entry test.

Legum Baccalaureus usually acknowledged as LLB is the diploma awarded to any individual who graduates in Law. The degree of LLB is a foundation to pursue a career as a Consultant, Lawyer, Attorney, Judge, and such higher designations.

 Features of LAT Law entry test

1. The LAT will be administered by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

2. The test will be for admission in a five-year/three-year LLB application and will be reliable for two years.

3. There is no test fee.

LAT Test in Pakistan

The HEC LAT test is the foremost step for finding admission in LLB (5 years program) and is an important concern in determining the aptitude, keenness, and career of an individual. The primary function of the LAT Law entry test is to ascertain and check the aptitude of an associated college student whether he/she has the proper type of mindset towards the degree of LLB as well as the career of any field of Law such as Lawyer, Consultant, Judge, Attorney, Prosecutor, etc.

HEC Pakistan has declared to conduct the Law Admission Test (LAT) from 2018 for admission in LLB 5 years program in unrestricted and private region universities & their affiliated faculties throughout the country.

  • HEC’s LAT Exam Schedule is that it conducts the LAT Law entry test thrice a year.
  • LAT Result is announced and remains valid for over two years.

The Pattern for LAT Test

Marks allocation for LAT Law entry test

Divisional Questions for Law Admission Test past papers

  • Easy writing (minimum 200 words) 15 Marks
  • Personal Statements `10 Marks
  • LAT English Portion MCQS 20 marks

The English portion of the LAT Admission Test will consist of 20 MCQs. These MCQs among Basic English including Synonyms, idioms, Basic Grammar concepts.

  • LAT Law entry test General Knowledge MCQS Portion 20 marks

In LAT General Knowledge portion MCQs include General Knowledge About Pakistan, General Knowledge Lands, General Knowledge desert, General Knowledge Seas, General Knowledge mountains, General Knowledge oceans, General Knowledge about Capitals of famous countries. Moreover, some General Knowledge MCQs about animals, birds are also included.

  • Islamic Studies MCQs for LAT 10 Marks

In LAT Islamic Studies MCQs can be asked from the following topics, Hazrat Muhammad BPUH, about umm al momineen, Regarding Islamic Ghazwas, Concerning Khulfa e rashideen, Of Namaz, About Haj, Touching Islamic calendar,

  • Pakistan Studies MCQs 10 Marks

LAT Law entry test has the following subjects in PAKISTAN studies: First in Pakistan, the latest issues in Pakistan, Preparation, Post-partition, Wars of Pakistan, Nation Games of Pakistan, and so on.

  • Urdu MCQS 10 Marks
  • Mathematics MCQS 5 Marks

Q: What are the passing marks needed to succeed in the LAT Law entry test?

Ans: 50 Marks are the Minimum passing marks for LAT (Law Admission Test)