First Pakistani Doctor Usama death from coronavirus

First Pakistani Doctor Usama death from coronavirus

Doctor Usama Shaheed


For maximum people, the new corona virus causes the best moderate or slight symptoms, which includes fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and those with existing fitness problems, it can purpose more excessive infection, such as pneumonia.

The sizeable majority of human beings recover from the new virus. According to the World Health Organization, people with slight infection recover in approximately weeks, whilst people with a more intense illness may take three to six weeks to get better. First Pakistani Doctor Usama death from coronavirus rose to huge fame because of this great sacrifice

Coronavirus disease cases

According to Federal Health Ministry, the wide variety of registered coronavirus cases in Pakistan is rising day by day, in southern Sindh province rose to 352, Punjab province to 225, in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to 31 cases, western Balochistan province 108 cases, Gilgit-Baltistan 71 cases, the capital’s Islamabad 15 cases while one case confirmed in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

With over one hundred fifty new coronavirus cases confirmed within the last 24 hours, the variety of COVID-19 patients in Pakistan reached 803, officials stated on Monday.

Nearly 2,040 pilgrims have lower back to GB from Iran via the Taftan quarantine middle with 56 of them checking out positive till Saturday, with a majority yet to be tested.

First Pakistani Doctor Usama death from coronavirus became 6 on death poll

Usman Riaz turned into treating the sufferers who lately again from Iraq and Iran. Pakistan, which borders Iran and China, of the maximum affected countries by the lethal corona virus, has reported 5 deaths and nearly 800 persons have been infected. From them, he caught, corona virus disease while treating others. He was a young medical doctor who treated coronavirus sufferers in Gilgit-Baltistan hospital. He then died due to coronavirus, raising the variety of deaths in the united states of America to 6.

Doctor Usama death from coronavirus

Doctor Usama

In Peshawar, a very young physician named Dr. Usama Riaz became the primary Pakistani practitioner who died because of corona virus which he had caught at the same time as physically handling suspected COVID-19 patients returning to Gilgit-Baltistan from remote places and other components of Pakistan.

 Dr. usama changed into a part of the 10-member crew of the medical doctors tasked with screening patients getting back from downtowns, mainly those arriving there from Iran via Taftan. He later began offering services to the suspected patients in isolation centers established for them in Gilgit.

 Doctor Usama deceased from corona virus 

 His colleagues told The News that Dr. Usama disregarded his health and served the sufferers till late night as the patients had in no way been furnished any services before. Dr. Shah Zaman who is regarded as a senior member of the Health Department and focal person of the GB government for coronavirus informed The News by telephone that he had individually met Dr. Usama at 11 pm on Thursday.

 Doctor Usama coronavirus case

Dr. Usama turned into then shifted to the Provincial Headquarter Hospital (PHQ)in Gilgit metropolis in which he becomes put on a ventilator. It became a large surprise and wonder for the neighborhood authorities. They sent his swab for an investigation that showed him a high-quality case.

Doctor Usama hospitalization and testing

According to officers in Gilgit Baltistan, they repeated his sampled swab check and again his tested report came positive for corona virus. The officers said they had learned two days in the past that he had died and his mind stopped functioning but because it changed into sensitive trouble and could have extreme repercussions. Therefore, they wanted to utilize all their resources if they could keep his life.

Doctor Usama death from coronavirus announced

According to the medical doctors within the PHQ, they’d despatched his swab to the National Institute of Health in Islamabad for the pleasure of his family. They eliminated him from the ventilator on Sunday night and announced him dead. Dr. Shah Zaman said that they had constituted a board that investigated other aspects of his complications.

Doctor Usama death from coronavirus as Martyrdom

The facts department of the area declared the medical doctor a martyr and stated he’ll officially be remembered as a national hero.

Meanwhile, Zaman said 10 other staff individuals who had been on responsibility with Dr. Riaz had been secure from the virus and added that all clinical workforce in GB had been being furnished with facilities just like those available for docs elsewhere in Pakistan.

Cause of Doctor Usama death from corona virus

They blamed the dearth of centers and the government’s negligence for Dr. Usama’s condition, emphasizing that he should have stored himself had he been furnished with the required medical gadget like polymerase chain reaction (PCR) kits particular to coronavirus.

Video viral before Doctor Usama death from corona virus

An unsubstantiated video, purportedly of Riaz addressing about ensuring medical treatment for the travelers, has gone viral on social media. He said:

“We will once more see what the issue is, and if they [quarantined pilgrims] want further remedy, they will be shifted to DHQ or metropolis hospital, however, if they may be handled here, we can provide treatment to them here.”

These were the closing phrases of young physician Usama Riaz, heard in a video recorded at a quarantine center at Sakwar, Gilgit – was he, in the end, ended up contracting the novel corona virus even as checking pilgrims returning from Iran and Iraq.

Doctor Usama – a countrywide hero

Addressing a press convention in Gilgit on Saturday, the office bearers of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) said Dr. Usama is the first Pakistani physician who got stricken by corona virus after coping with suspected patients. “Dr. Usama needs to be declared a countrywide hero for his bravery in opposition to fighting the coronavirus,” they said.

Condolence on Doctor Usama death from corona virus

Senior US diplomat Alice Wells on Tuesday showed her condolence on the Doctor Usama death from corona virus, who lost his life even as treating coronavirus patients.

 In a statement, Wells also praised “all of the courageous medical workers everywhere in South and Central Asia who’re risking their lives to serve the sick and maintain us safe.”