Facts about Aurat March 2020

Aurat March 2020: Nationwide demonstrations held to celebrate femininity, desire uniformityaurat march 2020

Aurat March 2020 The Aurat March 2020 in protests organized in numerous towns of Pakistan including Lahore, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Karachi and Islamabad to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018, and again the following years. It changed into organized in Lahore and Karachi by a girls’s collective referred to as Hum Auratein (We the Women), and in other components of the country, including many cities like Islamabad,  Quetta, Mardan, Hyderabad, and Faislabad, under the Women Action Forum (WAF), Women democratic front (WDF), and others. The march turned into advocated through the Lady Health Workers Association, and included representatives from multiple girls’s-rights organizations.
The Mission of Aurat March The march called for extra responsibility for violence against girls, and to guide for women who revel in violence and harassment on the fingers of security forces, in public spaces, at home, and in the workplace. Reports propose that more and more ladies rushed to join the march till the crowd became scattered. Women (as well as men) carried posters bearing terms such as ‘Ghar ka Kaam, Sab ka Kaam’, and ‘Women are humans, not honor’ have become a rallying cry. Aurat March 2020 Scenario Women dressed in T-shirts that read ‘my favorite season is the fall (of patriarchy)’ and ‘girls simply need fundamental human rights’. Some wore a mask of lifeless social media superstar Qandeel Baloch and one institution held ‘patriarchy’s janaza’ (funeral procession of patriarchy) on their shoulders. Participants were from all walks of life and protected many eminent people. Social media and YouTube video messages expressed guide for folks who had been marching. Aurat March 2020 is a women’s empowerment movement that isn’t restricted to simply peace rallies, raising cognizance placards or sloganeering for girls’ equality in a patriarchal society, declared Nimra Afzal in her article. The movement is simply now not man-hating or elitist however a motion that asks for public spaces, with hashtags like #JaggaDein.

The idea of Aurat March 2020

The concept for Aurat March 2020 originated whilst a few girls decided to mobilize their networks and accumulate in a park inside the port metropolis of Karachi on International Women’s Day to invite for a cease to violence and harassment.

 It has seen that advanced into a much wider movement, consisting of transgender people, demanding better legal guidelines to protect girls and enforcement of existing laws, in addition to raising awareness and converting attitudes.
The march took the idea from similar events within the US but has been also fuelled by way of incidents at home. The “honor killing” of social media big name Qandeel Baloch by way of her brother and other incidents have shone a light on violence towards ladies in current years.

 “The want for younger feminists to have a voice was already there,” says the organizer, who turned into part of that original group of women.

Social media Hashtag on Aurat March 2020

  • One of the hashtags at 2018 rally became #KhaanaKhudGaramKarLo (warmth your meal).
  • Whereas in 2019 it remodeled to ‘Ghar ka Kam, Sab ka Kam’ (House working is everyone’s responsibility) slogan’
  • 2019 March ‘#WhyIMarch’ have become the social media hashtag and slogan for the event, human rights activists, and locals sharing their declarations of why they marched #HumAurtein #auratmarch #AuratMarch2019 #JaggaDein including many celebrities 
  • Ahead of Aurat March in the year 2020 hashtags alike #AuratMarch2020 and #MeraJismMeriMarzi are spread on numerous platforms.
    2020 Protests Regarding Aurat March Artist Shehzil Malik began amassing poster design submissions for Aurat March 2020 on 8 March in the year 2020. Participants of the March created a Mural of posters submitted through Volunteers in Hussain Chowk of Lahore which was ransacked inside hours in a hate crime attack. Janita Tahir says participants inside the March are being threatened by orthodox guys and want to be taken seriously earlier than any untoward incidence may want to take place and the government needs to do requisite for the safety of participating women. 

A petition becomes filed inside the Lahore High Court by way of the Judicial Activism Council Chairman to forestall Aurat March 2020, calling it “towards the very norms of Islam”. This petition was rejected by the Lahore High Court Chief Justice who underscored that freedom of expression could not be banned.
Conservative companies in Pakistan are often heard to invoke a well-known saying: the right location of a female is in her “chadar our char diwari” – that means veiled and inside the four partitions of her home.

But this weekend, within the face of violent threats and criminal petitions, girls across Pakistan are making ready to call for their rights in direct defiance of that belief.

 International Women’s Day Since 2018, Aurat March campaign has been held in many towns throughout Pakistan to coincide with International Women’s Day on 8 March. It isn’t any small feat in a conservative Muslim country where many women often don’t sense security in public places due to the harassment they often endure.
Those who took part in the final year faced intense backlash, especially online. Some stated they had received death and rape threats afterward. And this year, voices on each side of the debate have grown louder within the lead-up. While religious and proper-wing organizations have said the march goes in opposition to Islam, even slight factions have taken difficulty with what the marchers themselves well known is a provocative approach.
“There’s a extensive conflict inside the community that we exist in, about the right of ladies to demand for her rights; to be mobile, to be out inside the roads,” a 38-year-old organizer said this in Karachi
The Aurat March 2020 has concluded in various cities throughout Pakistan. Men, ladies, and children across the kingdom took to the streets on Sunday to rally for higher safety of the rights of girls and minorities. In a press conference which was held a day earlier to the event, the Aurat March 2020 organizers had discussed at length approximately their charter of needs for the demonstration. They spoke for economic participation of ladies, in opposition to transgender rape, referred to as on the authorities to take action against forced conversions and minorities rights

When girls mobilize, things happen!

Not due to the fact we’re mothers of the earth, or a few God-ordained, socially and emotionally intelligent creatures with special ‘ladies’ skills. It is in reality because we’re an amazing half of the population, and it is time for us to claim the same footing in this world.
 In a society where ladies are informed to disappear internal their homes — and then even disappear from their homes on the arrival of male guests, where women are told not to be loud, instructed that they must accept things as they are, the visible of ladies going out at the streets — chanting, shouting, dancing, marching, leading, fighting — is remarkable.

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