If the causes of acne alter, the effectiveness of the products may decline. For instance, it is expected that someone with mixed skin and open pores may occasionally experience an outbreak of acne. But even after treating your acne, you find that it keeps getting worse; the causes may now be different. Anything might be the cause, from a hormone imbalance to a genetic disorder.


Therefore, it is alarming when 6 weeks of acne turn into 12 weeks, then into months. When acne appears and persists for an extended period of time, this is typically one of the main symptoms that you need to see a dermatologist for acne treatment in Lahore.

Make a self-evaluation before seeing a doctor and record the progression of your breakout. Did you consume any foods like dairy or sugar that made your acne worse? Have you ever checked a product’s ingredient list to ensure it is non-comedogenic?

Does Anyone in Your Family Have a History of Acne That Gets Better After A Certain Age or After Using a Certain Treatment?

Your doctor will be able to better comprehend you if you are aware of the patterns of your acne. Make a note of the acne as well as you’re eating and lifestyle at the time.

Here are several indications that you should soon make an appointment with a dermatologist for acne treatment in Lahore.

You Have a Serious Acne Problem.

Yes, persistent acne is one of the leading causes, but you shouldn’t disregard uncomfortable acne. The skin around cystic acne might bleed, making it highly unpleasant and irritating. This is extremely uncomfortable, and you shouldn’t have to put up with it. The optimal course of acne treatment in Lahore for you will be suggested by your doctor.

Detrimental to Your Mental Health

Numerous problems that might damage your mental and emotional well-being can result from acne. If you see yourself staying away from crowds, avoiding going outside without a scarf, or staying inside entirely. Then it’s time to discuss your acne situation with your doctor so you can heal more quickly.

You’ve Applied All Available Acne Treatments

One may get desperate for acne treatment in Lahore by any means necessary. This entails experimenting with various trends, regimens, home remedies, and web tips while experiencing breakouts a few days before a particular occasion. Allow the professionals to do their magic and provide you with a skin-friendly remedy.

Making a Mark You Don’t Want to Make

Okay, so the products you tried did work, but they didn’t help your acne scars fade? That one is difficult. We don’t want it to act as a persistent reminder of the acne. In order to determine if it is a mark or a scar, we advise that you see a doctor and take care of your skin accordingly. Acne markings, also known as the flat, hyperpigmented patches, are still treatable, but acne scars, which leave uneven bumps or indents on the skin, are much more difficult.

These are some extremely severe cases that do need medical attention. If you’re still searching for a non-comedogenic, skin-safe product, consider the Cosmetique line of cleansers and gel, which was developed by Cosmetique to assist teenagers in treating their acne and achieving acne-free skin.

As a result, keep track of your journey of acne treatment in Lahore, and contact the dermatologist as needed and appropriate.