Chughtai Lab Lahore

Chughtai Lab Lahore

Chughtai Lab Lahore is one of the most prominent pathology labs across Pakistan. All the teams and groups of this lab have a purpose to abandon accurate and authentic test results exactly on time. The lab functions 24 hours a day and opens every day of the year. Moreover, it is a thoroughly equipped, state of the art diagnostics laboratory present in Lahore, Pakistan. Initially, it got founded by the famous Dr. A. S. Chughtai in the year 1983. It was established under the name of Lahore Lab first having the mission of providing victims and physicians with a diagnostics laboratory on which they both could trust reliably. 

Chughtai Lab Lahore is recognized for its Core Values
Chughtai Lab endures serving the people of Pakistan. The people who serve at the lab are encouraged by the core values of:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
    Our core values exhibit in our profession so that our victims can trust us to perform our best at all times.

Chughtai Lab Lahore Specialists 

The Specialties include:

  1. Child specialist
  2. Gynecologist
  3. General Physicians
  4. ENT Specialist
  5. Urologist
  6. Medical officers

Reliable Chughtai Lab Lahore Services
The different services offered by Chughtai Lab are a combined solution to the healthcare demands of our sufferers. That medical center volunteer pharmacy services, clinic visits, radiology tests, and lab tests, all under a single roof.

  • Free Home Sample Collection
    Chughtai Lab knows your anxieties and is continuously endeavoring to assist our people at long in the safest possible ways. Keeping the requirements of people in our consideration. Thus, Chughtai Lab Lahore offers the convenience of a Home Sample collection service in all main towns of Pakistan. You merely have to give us a call, and our spokesperson will be there at your exact proposed time for taking the sample. However, this service is free of any charges.
  • Chughtai Medical Center

Chughtai Medical Center is another famous initiative of Chughtai Lab Lahore. This healthcare intends to produce an overall health care practice for the individuals it serves. Chughtai Medical Center came into being with a concept to make a distinction in people’s lives through outstanding patient care.

  • Chughtai Lab Lahore Radiology Services
    Chughtai Lab has been successfully implementing high-quality radiology services for the last four years. Over time, our portfolio of different radiology services has developed extensively, and we have also managed to lessen turnaround moments of all the characteristic services administered at our facilities. Our qualified quality management groups ensure the precision of tests and grant the most trustworthy services to our patients.
  • Chughtai Lab Homecare
    Our purpose at Chughtai Lab Homecare 24 hours a day is to grant care with empathy. We deliver exceptional medical care to our victims. Our other goal is to make fundamental healthcare not only more available but also more liable to our patients’ requirements. We present home care services to sufferers from some of the best hospitals in Pakistan.

Additional Homecare Services 

  1. MRI
  2. CT Scan
  3. DEXA Scan
  4. Mammogram
  5. Ultrasound
  6. Digital X-ray
  7. ETT
  8. Echocardiography
  9. Home nursing care
  10. Homecare for the elderly
  11. Physiotherapy at home
  12. Lab test sample collection at home
  13. Patient Monitoring
  14. Moving and Handling
  15. Post-Surgery Patient Care
  16. Posture Care
  17. Injections / Infusions
  18. Feeding
  19. Medications
  20. Hygiene

All these Services get abandoned by highly qualified and skilled staff. All that occurs under the administration of the manager of our home healthcare. Chughtai Lab Lahore Homecare team constantly keeps you as well as your doctor updated on the present situation of the patient.

  1. Chughtai Lab Ambulance Services
    Ambulance service involves shifting crucial patients from
  • One ICU to another ICU
  • One hospital to another hospital
  • Hospital to home
  • One city to another city

Specialty Services Include:

  • Ventilator with all forms
  • Cardiac Monitor
  • Defibrillator
  • Suction, convenient and portable
  • Emergency Life Saving Complete Trolley
  • BLS Certified Staff
  • Chughtai Pharmacy
    Chughtai Pharmacy is another prominent feature of us. It aims to deliver high-quality healthcare products and services to its esteemed customers. Thus, Chughtai Lab Lahore helps in providing you with your medications either in a friendly, welcoming surrounding at the pharmacy. Or the workers here can have them transferred directly to your doorstep. Our team includes a licensed pharmacologist and highly trained pharmacists to handle your health prescriptions and render guidance to upgrade your life quality.
  • Diabetes Care Program in Chughtai Lab Lahore
    Chughtai Lab Diabetes Care program is propelled to aid diabetes patients all over Pakistan to get checkups routinely. Diabetes Care Program cardholders can avail of discounts on routine diabetes examinations at any Chughtai Lab center all over Pakistan.

Special Services Available at Chughtai Lab Lahore
Chughtai Lab has originated various healthcare drives to help local people in staying healthy. It also assists them in getting regular health inspections.

These initiatives include:

  • Blue Card
  • Diabetes Blue Card
  • Specific Discount Vouchers
  • Corporate Promotions

Why Choose Chughtai Lab Lahore?

  • 24 Hours Services Chughtai Lab Lahore

Chughtai Lab Homecare works 24 hours a day constantly presenting you with love and care all around the clock.

  • Rigorous Hiring Process
    All of our representatives have an appropriate educational background and professional training investigations before hiring.
  • Care with Love
    We aim to provide sympathetic hospital-quality attention and care in the convenience of your home.
  • Quality Standards
    Our systems have been produced in deliberation with qualified and skilled physicians and doctors.
  • Convenience
    Chughtai Lab Homecare conveniently takes the hassle out of receiving good care by presenting high-quality services at home.

Contact Information Chughtai Lab Lahore

  • Get in Touch with Chughtai Lab
  • Please contact us at 03-111-456-789 
  • Email us at
  • For more information, please contact us today.
  • DIAL NOW | UAN: 03 111 456 789
  • Lahore: 7 Jail Road, Main Gulberg
  • Karachi: Al Khaleej Plaza, Shaheed-e-Millat Road