Bangladeshi fighter jet crashes while attempting aerobatic

Dhaka: A Bangladeshi Air Force fighter jet met a horrifying accident during an attempt to perform the famous ‘Top Gun’ stunt, resulting in one of the parachuting pilots losing his life while trying to save himself.

According to international news agencies, the dangerous maneuver known as the Aileron Roll is an aerobatic feat in which an aircraft rolls 360 degrees around its longitudinal axis and then immediately pulls up to level flight at the same speed.


Bangladesh’s Squadron Leader Asim Jawad and his co-pilot, Wing Commander Sohan Hasan Khan, attempted to collide the aircraft with the runway and then take off again at the same speed. However, their attempt was unsuccessful.

All these scenes were recorded in CCTV footage, showing the aircraft colliding with the runway at full speed and catching fire upon taking off again.

The fire quickly engulfed the aircraft, causing it to crash on the ground. During this time, the pilots ejected from the aircraft and fell into the nearby river.

In this incident, 32-year-old Squadron Leader Asim Jawad was critically injured and pronounced dead during treatment at the hospital, while Sohan Hasan Khan is still fighting for his life in critical condition.