Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 21

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 21

Mere Pass Tum Ho has been always an emotional and powerful adventure normal. Mere Pass Tum ho episode 21 had a couple of proper scenes and dialogues however universal there was lots of repetition. Just just like the past few episodes, this one too centered on bewafai and whether or not an untrue partner has to be forgiven or now not. Danish certainly thinks that Mehwish does not deserve forgiveness. Salman and Ayesha’s dialogues have been confusing because they desired Danish to take Mehwish returned. Shehwar and Maham’s scene changed into intriguing. It looks like Rumi is the most effective person who doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘divorce’.

Rumi’s Dialogues and Situations

I need to say that watching a 6-year child who is suffering from mental disturbance talks about tried suicide was more stressful than all the matchmaking attempts employing Rumi. Shees Sajjad Gul is cute and his acting has been impressive however Rumi’s role in this episode was extremely hard to digest. Rumi is left unattended and misses his parents need to have been the focal point of attention.

Shehwar and Maham

 Shehwar and Maham’s scene was interesting. She desired to make Shehwar suffer on her terms and conditions and tells him that he deserved worse than he did. The appearance on Shehwar’s face becomes valuable when Maham told him what her plans were! He is really scared and uncertain about what Maham is going to do next. 

Salman and Ayesha

 Salman and Ayesha are pleading Mehwish’s case as if Danish and Mehwish aren’t divorced. This complete ‘experience’ has been quite ‘educational’ for Rumi – he has found out approximately divorce. Also, He heard his mother say that Hania is his dad’s girlfriend. 

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 21 — Favorite Scene 

My favorite scene from tonight’s episode was the conversation between Danish and Mehwish. 

Humayun Saeed does incredibly nicely in such emotional scenes. Mehwish buys back the flat and lives there alone now. Monty’s inviting Mehwish for tea become honestly funny! Yes, he’s married now however he manifestly reveals it difficult to simply forget about Mehwish!

All of Mehwish’s scenes tonight showed how regretful she became. She cried in nearly all the scenes and her dialogues advised she wanted the lifestyles she once lived with Danish returned. 


Final Remarks on Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 21

Just like each week, however, it had a few exact scenes and dialogues but standard there was many repetitions. I am now not rooting for Hania and Danish at all! Waiting to see how this drama ends

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 marks the climax of the drama serial “Meray Pass Tum Ho”. During this week’s episode, we felt so much pain and sorry for Danish who is left with not anything as he is going to present Mehwish to Shahwar. Moreover, Shahwar has performed such cunningly. He has lured Mehwish into his entice and then requested her to demand a divorce from her husband and that’s exactly what she did.

Danish and Shahwar’s Meeting in Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 11

From the time Danish entered the office to the time he left, every single moment became extremely powerful. Danish had genuinely no idea what was going to be the outcome of this meeting, Shahwar was composed because he had the entirety planned beforehand. The moment in which Shahwar shows him the phone to test Mehwish’s photos inside the purple nighty, and the helplessness that comes on his face realising he’s misplaced his spouse for excellent is simply heartbreaking. Danish’s shivering fingers, his teary eyes and his helpless face, Humayun Saeed nailed each. He genuinely wanted to hurt Danish so terribly that he would be leaving Mehwish out of anger however Danish left Mehwish due to the fact he become certain that she may be happier with Shahwar. Danish was hoping that Mehwish will possibly exchange her mind. What an sudden flip of events, simply mind-blowing.

Mehwish’s Overconfidence and Lack of Guilt

Mehwish is a type of lady who wants to get what she wants at any cost. Mehwish is extremely materialistic, a lot so that she doesn’t even care approximately her own flesh and blood. Although she thinks she can get Rumi again once she’s settled, however the notion of inflicting any trauma to the child is suitable to her in trade for money.

Mehwish’s blunt push aside of Danish’s emotions showed just how a whole lot she trusted Shahwar! She now not even feels sorry for him! She thinks she is clever, she called Danish to be a “kunwei ka mendak” tonight.


Final Remarks on Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 11

Tonight’s episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho changed into exceptionally heartbreaking. During this week’s episode, we felt so much pain and sorry for Danish who is left with not anything as he is going to present Mehwish to Shahwar. Moreover, Shahwar has performed such cunningly. He has lured Mehwish into his entice and then requested her to demand a divorce from her husband and that’s exactly what she did.

The preview of the next episode depicted that Danish will divorce Mehwish and Shahwar’s dialogues revealed greater about his personality. I can’t wait to discover next!



13 episodes have gone down now. Episode thirteen showed a jump of some months, Danish is now insistent on becoming a businessman and making it big. With his determination, it appears he may succeed. However, he is deeply harm and unable to take care of his son, as a result of which, Rumi, has himself requested to be installed a boarding faculty and is suffering.

It changed into certainly quite obvious that Shehwar had no intention of marrying her however Mehwish insisted on him.  The only person suffering in the entire Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 is Rumi

Rumi and Danish

The scene between Rumi and Danish was one of the most significant scenes in this episode. Danish’s conversation with Mateen sahib summed up how a whole lot Rumi had modified in those few months within the absence of his mother because kids suffer more than anyone else when a wedding fall apart. If Mehwish failed as a mom then Danish too has no longer been able to play the position he had to have played in Rumi’s life. 

Danish and Mateen sahib

Danish and Mateen sahib’s friendship became the highlight of this episode. The way Mateen Sahib narrated his story of cheating on his wife and how one that cheats in a marriage suffers the most, have been surely amazing. Mateen Sahib never mentioned that he had a daughter. The regret and the guilt he felt become apparent from this scene. Until the preceding episode money was nothing to Danish but now, he is extra than willing to sell his apartment and take risks which will get rich to take revenge from Shehwar 

The entrance of Hania  MERAY PASS TUM HO EPISODE 13– Hira Mani

Many human beings had already anticipated that Hania turned into going to be Rumi’s trainer and Mateen sahib’s daughter. Danish and Hania met out of doors the school. Let’s see further what happens

Shehwar and Mehwish

Mehwish and Shehwar were proven to have a grand time. All these months they’d been traveling and playing themselves. Mehwish has now started to get a taste of her personal doing. She insists upon getting married to Shehwar, who enjoys her company as a mistress with no aim of marrying her.

Final Remarks on Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 13

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 laid down the principles for what is coming ahead. The adjustments in Danish’s character will trade the direction of his lifestyles. Mateen sahib was an interesting person who helped Danish in his most tough instances, he may be missed. This week’s episode belonged to Mohammad Ahmed and Shees Sajjad Gul for portraying wonderful emotions

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 Story Review

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 Story Review – Progressing Strong!

14 weeks have now handed and we’re keen to know what becomes of Danish, now that Mehwish has left him and is stressful to see Rumi over the weekends. The maximum interesting part of Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 was Shehwar’s verbal exchange with Mehwish and Mehwish never understanding what she has put herself into. Shahwar enjoys Mehwish’s attention and her physical attributes. He indulges her but his commercial business and his wishes are his priorities.


Ayeza Khan’s body language and expressions for the duration of included her confidence as well as her insecurities perfectly properly on the screen. There had been moments while she was critically disturbed when things were no longer in her control. Spending 3 months with a man who’s used to having his very own manner has molded Mehwish’s personality.

Shahwar prefers Mehwish to himself only!

This week we noticed Mehwish asking Shahwar for his permission to satisfy Rumi. He allowed but didn’t need Rumi at his home. He wouldn’t want to see Mehwish develop into a mum. We’ve visible Rumi keeping off his mother at all expenses in school. And Shahwar threatening Danish with a court case within the future. Mehwish also got a concept that Shahwar’s commercial business meant more to him than something else.


On the alternative hand, Danish is now gaining increasingly more courage attempting to installation his commercial business. Humayun Saeed appeared like a person who became going through hell and his acting turned into right on point, like always.

At the same time, the adjustments in Danish’s character have been subtly seen too. The scene protecting the stock trade rates turned into interesting and it made me marvel if Danish will take advantage of this opportunity. The preview of the next episode suggested that Danish is probably in a bargaining function after all


Hania was given to know plenty approximately Danish by reading her father’s diary and also because of the smartphone calls. Mehwish’s danger of telephonic communique with Hania becomes the perfect way to introduce those characters to each other. This communique confirmed how near Hania changed into Rumi and after reading her father’s diary she changed into keener than ever to help Rumi regulate in school. The chai comment becomes an emotional addition to this scene. Hania’s tonight became much extra likable.

Final Remarks on Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 14

Tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho changed into virtually attractive and well-put-together. The preview of the next episode indicates that Rumi will push his father to be strong – looking forward to that!

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 15

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 Story Review – Shehwar and Danish Face to Face battle

How enjoyable it becomes to watch Danish beat Shahwar to a pulp!

So, we’re into the 15th week of Mere Paas Tum Ho and we need to say, it has been an emotionally overwhelming ride this is taking over our feelings.  Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 confirmed Danish sooner or later standing up for his son Rumi. The courage Danish displayed got here to him because he ultimately realized Rumi was his. Unlike Mehwish, Rumi would not be sold with money because he had Danish’s blood in his veins and because he loved Danish.

Pathos for Danish

We feel pity for Danish who is attempting to shield his spouse from the trap of Shahwar. He desires to make her feel guilty; but she has no regrets. He maintains on emphasizing his love for Mehwish and the reason for their marriage within the past before Shahwar stepped into their lives. He wishes her to mirror upon the truth that how their relationship is being affected by using an outsider’s intrusion.

It’s heartbreaking to observe Danish attempting to accumulate all of the damaged pieces of their relationship. Even whilst Mehwish asks to break the bond, he evenly handles her to make her change her mind. Danish is lost and suffering to hold the bond intact. He is taking up all of the burdens to save you the entirety from falling apart. He is all by myself to recognize how to stop his ‘ONLY POSSESSION’ from leaving him in Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 10.

Queen of Beauty

Mehwish is a self-indulgent Narcissist, who’s overly-appreciate by Shahwar. Instead, her beauty is the cause of why Shahwar picks her over all the other young, ladies as well. She has no guards to apprehend the intentions of men. Instead, she enjoys appreciation. However, as a married woman, she MUST have tried to protect her beauty, her husband’s respect, and a maximum of all, herself. She is someone who gives in to every different man. Mehwish is at a greater fault than Shahwar and Danish. Mehwish is preferring cash over love, and we are looking ahead to the time whilst she will be able to return for romance lower back to Danish. Mehwish hasn’t given the slightest bit of notion to her son’s mental state; and what he goes through. Instead, she appears not to be his mother.

Final Remarks on Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 10

Tonight’s episode had so many significant scenes that made this episode engaging in addition to emotional. What a notable episode with a twist in Mehwish’s mindset. Shahwar demanding situations Danish on his face that Mehwish will pick me over you! That closing blow would be tough for Danish to undergo and us to look at!



We have gone down Meray pass tum ho episode 9 and possibly we haven’t visible one single moment wherein Danish turned into happy. Ever given that the start of the drama, we have visible negative Danish struggling to make his spouse happy, who with the aid of the way, can only be charmed with money. Mehwish is not the most effective vain, but she is likewise materialistic and willing to visit any duration to get as many luxuries as she wants; case in point, the lodge room scene in Islamabad, wherein she shares a connecting room with Shahwar and is scene carrying nightwear.

Rumi’s First Day of School

While Rumi and his father were getting ready for school, Mehwish had her plans. She has usual that her job certainly is to delight Shahwar. Mehwish thinks she will be able to supply her son a better existence if she earns extra money but Rumi becomes the only one who suffered the maximum on this episode. Danish isn’t always the one at fault here but his attitude indicates that occasionally no longer taking a stand too can hurt your children in more cases than others.

Danish’s Mental Turmoil

For the first time in Meray pass tum ho episode 9, he placed his foot down and informed her no longer to visit the office. Danish’s bitterness and his anger showed in his attitude however he turned into without a doubt ‘scared’ of saying greater. Finally, there is someone with whom Danish can speak up to its heart and Mateen Sahib looks like a genuinely excellent man or woman who has learned from his mistakes.

Mehwish’s Stubbornness 

The manner Mehwish went ahead along with her plan and the manner wherein she became snoozing peacefully inside the resort room went to reveal that she was extra than willing to play the position Shahwar wanted her to play. She has convinced herself that she is not doing anything wrong and when Danish became there at the airport, she changed into so confident. Even then after attaining home, she acted as if not anything happened.

Final Remarks on Meray pass tum ho episode 9


This changed into in reality a have to watch the episode which without a doubt had the twist everybody changed into waiting to see. One of the most cherished scenes which tugged at our heart was when Danish sees Mehwish on the airport with Shahwar, it deeply harmed him when he takes her home on his bike. Some may additionally call him a fool however we discovered it to be mature as deep down he hopes that she realizes that proper love is some distance more crucial than basking within the glory of money.


Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 8

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 8 Story Review – Lies and Deceit

In this Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 8, Mehwish subsequently noted her mother and from the quote, it turned into clean to understand where she receives her twisted attitude from! Danish’s character is easier to connect to now however there are times while his becharapan is exaggerated. Distance between Danish and Mehwish stretches as Shehwar puts Mehwish in an ordeal which will eventually prove her loyalty for one among the two. Rumi gets admission and Danish’s errands are augmented.

Latest Developments in Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 8

This episode protected how Danish now not felt helpless with Mehwish going to the office. Just like always, he talked to Mehwish approximately his emotions Mehwish is now completely convinced that her husband is ‘jealous’ of her and Shahwar has in a truly quick period managed to convince her that she deserves better. It is sort of as if Mehwish changed into waiting for someone like Shahwar to are available her life. Mehwish is not foolish at all however she is so grasping that doing these ‘favors’ for her boss in going back for such a huge sum of money does not hassle her at all.

Home management destroyed! 

The routine inside the residence changed speedily with Danish making the breakfast and Mehwish being greater involved in her ‘work’. The work being – getting ready and spending time with the boss! Danish and Mehwish’s confrontation scenes had been the nice on account that they showed how helpless someone is whilst their companion decides to take the route Mehwish has chosen. 

Danish and Mateen sahib as friends 

Muhammad Ahmed’s character is a great addition to this play – finally, a person Danish can talk to.Danish informed his colleague that he hadn’t brought food due to the fact he did now not like the maid’s cooking even though the maid had come to work best that morning.

Final Remarks on Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 8

Danish knows now that he’s gradually losing the female he married and Mehwish, on the other hand, is just too excited to take the ‘challenges’ of her new existence. Shahwar maintains to pursue and impress Mehwish, it is quite clear that he won’t stop till he has her in his existence for good. Danish’s helplessness this night made whole sense, he can’t pressure Mehwish to leave this activity or refuse all of the favors. Overall, this episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho focused on displaying how Mehwish made up her thoughts and there has been no searching returned now.


Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 Story Review

Mere Pass Tum Ho is becoming intense day after day. In Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 We were already acquainted with Shahwar’s intentions for Mehwish. He has his eye set upon her. Danish smells a rat and discussed the problem with Mehwish. However, she is not believing him instead she is offending as to why he is usually suspicious.

Enjoy a perfect lifestyle

Shahwar knows that Mehwish wanted to enjoy a perfect way of life where she can stay like a queen. This week’s episode marks loads of twists and turns inside the existence of Danish. He went to return all the presents given by Shahwar. However, he returned impressed by him as he tackled him in so satisfactory a manner. It appeared that he may be very cunning. Shahwar has taken Danish’s trust and this is the reason that he allowed Mehwish to work with Shahwar saying that he was incorrect and Shahwar is a decent and exceptional man.

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Giving in to The Temptation

After telling Danish to return the gifts, she referred to as Shahwar and later on, she pretended as though she was no longer at all about this assembly and its outcome. The truth that she changed into doing all this with Danish’s ‘permission’ now gave her even more confidence

 Things are getting sincerely interesting while Mehwish visited Shehwar’ s workplace for the primary time. She is all enthusiastic and for the audience’s surprise, she has nothing to do except to carry out the responsibility of a wife. Her job is being a Shehwar’ s secretary.

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Danish restlessness in Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7

On the opposite hand, we have seen how Danish’s mind is not letting him sit down calmly. He is constantly thinking about his wife and it’s miles proved whilst he requested for a pill as he is having an extreme headache. Even the applied for half of the day depart and at the way, he got mishaps as well. 

Shahwar proportion his married lifestyles

Shahwar ’s confidence genuinely suggested that he become a grasp manipulator. Shehwar ’s grand residence and the overall surroundings went so nicely along with his personality. Then we see, how she came to Shahwar ’s workplace and stopped him from smoking. He shared along with her the details about his married lifestyles and the despair that he is going through. In one manner or the other, he is attempting to get all her sympathies. And perhaps he is successful in doing so. 

Next Episode Teaser

After following Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 The teaser of the following episode has revealed another combat among Mehwish and Danish resulting from Shahwar. And it regarded that the Mehwish and Danish have already parted their ways.